Buckeye Bye Week Trivia

by: Ryan Black

photo: sweetfudge.com


The Bucks are going bye this Halloween weekend and have 4 (hopefully 5) games left until the bowl layoff. What’s a man/woman to do to fill the time? How about some good old fashioned trivia?

Trivia is defined as “information of little importance or value.” Well, it’s still cool to me damnit.

Nothing gets the juices flowing like springing a “did you know” on a fellow employee or friend, other than Pam from The Office, of course.


I’ve spent countless hours (1.5) researching stats and game film to come up with some fun did you knows based on the 2015 season. Sharpie these on your hand, post up at the water cooler and get ready to be the smartest guy in the office.

Here is your Buckeye Bye Week Trivia:


  1. LSUWHO?

LSU is the new favorite to usurp Ohio State’s throne (because keeping the defending champs who have a 23 ppg winning margin at number 1 is too boring for the media).  Did you know that the LSU defense has given up over 20 points in every game this season but 1 (Mississippi State, 19).

Yes this includes 4-3 Auburn, 3-4 Syracuse, 1-7 Eastern Michigan, 3-4 South Carolina and a respectable 6-2 Western Kentucky. Can you imagine the heat Ohio State’s defense would be taking if their defense was performing against similar competition every game?


  1. Checkdown King

Ohio State’s receivers have been up and down this season but have really turned it on the last three weeks. Despite a plethora of talented receivers, did you know that Ezekiel Elliott is second on the team with 23 receptions?

Elliott is such a luxury when everybody else is covered down field.


  1. Special

Special teams decides games (ask Michigan). Did you know that Ohio State is top 8 in the nation in punting and kickoff coverage units?

This team is more than just offense and defense. If the field goal unit get’s it going, it’s hard to imagine a more complete team in the nation.


  1. Half a hundred

Big plays seemed to lack for the Buckeyes after the Virginia Tech game for awhile but Ezekiel Elliott was tired of that. Did you know the only team with more rushes over 50 yards in the country than Ohio State (6) is the triple option Georgia Southern squad (8)?

Zeke may have the most impressive Buckeye highlight film ever by the time he’s done.


  1. Conspiracy!!!

Many in the Big Ten (cough Penn State fans) believe refs always favor the “golden child” Buckeyes. The stats usually tell a different story: Did you know Ohio State’s opponents only average 47.6 penalty yards per game? This is good for 96th in the nation.

But, the “tin foilers” will still spin it somehow.


Bonus: The Boys in Blue


Michigan has already reached their number of wins from last season under new coach Jim Harbaugh with great defense, special teams (save 1 play) and ball control. Did you know that Michigan still sucks?


Double Bonus: Here’s a spooky video



I paused it at 1:48, can somebody tell me how it ends?


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