The Urban Dictionary: 10/28

TheUrbanDictionaryLogoIn yet another Buckeye night game, the night wasn’t so friendly to the Knights, the Scarlet Knights. The real scarlet knights weren’t wearing scarlet, but white, being lead by a new starting quarterback.

I’ve never been happier to admit how wrong I was in my life because finally…after eight long and underwhelming weeks…someone seized the position and solidified that position.

I’ve converted – #TeamJT.

On the business side of this recurring piece, I’ve decided to replace The Players section with a The Opponent section, which will reference the team from the game I’m writing about – in this case, Rutgers.

Urban said – “J.T. doesn’t surprise me. That injury, I didn’t see it in spring, I didn’t see the J.T. Barrett because he was immobile and couldn’t go. Training camp he was getting better and better and better, and he’s still only a redshirt sophomore. I think he’s in full swing now, obviously, and that was a progression throughout practice, development and I thought he played great.”

  • The FansObviously he is in full swing. We saw it for the first eight weeks – glad you finally woke up and smelled the roses.
  • The Media – So what is Cardale’s role going to be? Now that you’ve finally picked a starter after eight weeks of us badgering you to name one.
  • The Opponent – He sure surprised us. Darn you Eli Apple for not coming to the school in your home state to help us stop him.

Last week, Miller was the one who pulled the offense together, but this week it’s safe to say the offense is in good hands with Barrett at the helm.


Over the past few games, the Buckeyes have finally limited some of the bonehead mistakes that plagued them earlier in the season.

Urban said – “The thing you’re not seeing: You’re not seeing the self-destructive stuff. The turnovers, interceptions or penalties. That was a loud environment and to not have any penalties, someone just told me that as I was leaving the locker room, that might be the most impressive thing. That’s how locked in they were.”

  • The Fans – We see it Urban. Once again, we’ve been seeing it for eight weeks. Sign me up for an assistant coach position because I’ve been right this whole season!
  • The Media – You probably didn’t have as many penalties and turnovers this time because of who you started at quarterback.
  • The Opponent – A loud environment? Ask these guys if it was a loud environment:

Those poor guys. Well, at least they got paid. . . I’m assuming…

Meanwhile – Ohio State be like:


In case you haven’t seen the news, there’s a new book coming out that probably puts this column in the coffin. Rather than me writing Urban’s dictionary, he has written his own!

Urban said (via Twitter) - 

  • The Fans – I’d love to learn how to get the most out of this team…oh that’s right, I knew how for eight weeks – by FINALLY STARTING JT BARRETT.
  • The Media – Will you sign my book?!? And get JT to sign it for me too.
  • The Opponent – Maybe this book will help us to recruit better kids…

As we approach a bye week in the schedule, until next time – bye.


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