5 B1G Observations: Week 8


The Ohio State Buckeyes have been the target of much criticism over the course of the season for their inconsistent play.  However they may earn the moniker of most consistent “Coach Slayer” should Rutgers’ Head coach Kyle Flood be shown the door this week.  Looking back to the end of the 2014 regular season, the Buckeyes victory over That Team Up North lead directly to the firing of Brady Hoke.  Earlier this year the University of Maryland fired football boss Randy Edsall after a three touchdown loss to OSU.  And now with the Rutgers beat down that we all watched this past Saturday, Flood might be finding his spot right behind these gentlemen in the unemployment line.

So if you’re reading this as an Athletic Director that’s trying to get rid of a pesky coach, give Gene Smith a call.  Urban and the boys would be happy to give you good reason to send the guy packing.

#1: TBDBITL got busy across the pond

Because the choice between a weekend trip to Piscataway or London might be the easiest decision ever made, The Ohio State Marching Band accepted their invitation to play during the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills contest at Wembley Stadium in London.  The Pride of the Buckeyes, naturally, were at their best.

#2: Nebraska’s nightmare continues

This local newscaster says it best.  If Ohio State ever had a season like this one I might just…  Oh… 2011.  Please don’t remind me.

#3: Penn State played Maryland and Zzzzz…

The game was actually pretty good (if you could ignore Maryland’s uniforms or avoid falling asleep like I did).  These two former opponents of the Buckeyes competed in their rivalry(?) game which resulted in a one point win for the Nittany Lions.  When you win 36 of the 39 meetings between the two schools, it’s not a rivalry.

#4: Oh Big Ten Network, you shouldn’t have!

In an early Christmas present to us all, the B1G Network immortalized last week’s Michigan loss with this gem.  Jalen Watts-Jackson BROKE AND DISLOCATED his hip during that celebration.  Wow.

#5: Buckeyes get back to form

Many had been calling for J.T. Barrett to take the reins of this offense for months.  This weekend on the Jersey Shore, he proved that he deserves his starting role.  Was it all part of the Urban Meyer plan?  We will never know for sure.

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