Top and Bottom 5: Ohio State Power Player Rankings

by Ryan Black


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Ohio State is 7-0 and 6 more wins stand between them and another playoff berth. In my opinion there is nothing quite like a meaningless power poll to see where a teams strengths and weaknesses are. So I put together a list of the top and bottom 5 players of your Buckeyes.

Why just 5? Well, this is America; nobody cares about the “just good” players, the “less gifted but hard workers” or the middle class (don’t get me going)… The in-betweeners are boring, it’s all about the top and bottom baby.

Even my dumb ranking has to be better than this FPI poll that keeps getting thrown at fans each week as 3-3 USC is still #6 in this weeks ranking…



What went into my rankings? Well, unlike  the FPS with weird formulas and odd schedule logic, I used my eyes and my gut. So yes, this is also a very flawed poll.


Here is the Top and Bottom Power 5 Buckeye Player Rankings:


Number 5:

Top:  S Von Bell

Bottom: S Tyvis Powell

Reasoning: Both safeties appear at number 5 this week. Von Bell is always around the ball and a big time playmaker for this secondary.

Powell also makes plays but bad angles have really given the opponents (esp. qb’s) long touchdowns in the past three weeks. Unacceptable for a 3rd year starter though I wouldn’t trade this duo for any other in the country.


Number 4:

Top: P Cam Johnston

Bottom: RT Chase Farris

Reasoning: Are we going to witness a punter enter the NFL draft early? Don’t count it out. Cam has outperformed Bama’s top punter of last season (J.K. Scott) by a solid margin; 47+ yards a punt is outstanding.

It’s also not surprising to see the only newcomer on the offensive line on the bottom list but Chase Farris is still giving up too many easy sacks/QB hurries on simple speed rushes.


Number 3:

Top:  WR Michael Thomas

Bottom: TE Nick Vannett

Reasoning: Both players at number 3 had high hopes for next years NFL draft. One has exceeded those expectations while the other began pressing. Tight End’s coach Tim Hinton thinks Vannett is finally mentally ready for the stretch run.


Number 2:

Top: RB Zeke Elliott

Bottom: C Jacoby Boren

Reasoning: The two currently at number 2 were irreplaceable during last years stretch run. Unfortunately, it looks like Boren was a little off at the start of the season (possible injury?) and I believe that his snaps were killing the flow of the offense in the first few weeks. In an offense like Urban’s with motion and misdirection, timing is everything and high snaps can be play killers. He has looked much better the last three weeks and I wouldn’t be surprised to see his improved play vault the other #2 Zeke to New York.


Number 1:

Top:  DE Joey Bosa

Bottom: K Jack WIlloughby

Reasoning:  How is Adolphus Washington left off the current top list? Well, I think the attention Bosa is receiving at DE is letting the big dog eat. Bosa’s numbers aren’t outstanding but teams are refusing to let him be the defensive lineman to beat them which has allowed all others on the line to flourish. He’s certainly a top 5 pick next year.

New kicker Willoughby hasn’t had it click yet. He’s had a few kicks out of bounds and hasn’t made a kick over 34 yards… This will have to change to win it all.



Biggest snub: LB Darron Lee (top 5)

Reasoning:  It hurts to not put arguably the best linebacker in the country on here but due to injuries to some corners, Lee is in coverage a lot more than usual in the slot. What this does is keep super soph. Raekwon McMillan (team tackle leader)  from being substituted out for a green nickleback on a lot of plays. Expect Def. Coordinator Fickell to dial up some blitzes from the secondary to keep Mr. Chaos involved.


Just remember kids-whether you’re a top or a bottom, you’re always a loved Buckeye in my heart ;).

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