The Urban Dictionary: 10/21

TheUrbanDictionaryLogoAnother week, another win for Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes in black. But the quarterback dilemma continues to rage on.

Before getting into the third page of the dictionary, I would like to relay a message to those fans who chanted “JT, JT, JT” at the game this past weekend – What do you think that does to Cardale’s confidence and psyche? Barrett played well, but it’s not like he threw the ball for 500 yards like a gunslinger. Everybody thought Jones was the guy after Virginia Tech and Maryland. Personally, Cardale is still my starter. 10-0 as a starter as a matter of fact. Also, the guy won Buckeye Nation a national championship, the first since the Craig Krenzel era…show respect where respect is due. It’s fine to think and want JT to start; he played well, but one half of football does not justify a depth chart change, IMO.

But let’s ask Urban what he thinks about it. After all, he is the head coach.

Urban said – “I just read we’re 6-for-6 in the red zone again, so that’s 12-for-12 the last 12 times we’ve been in there. First of all, it’s a lot of times in there, which is good. The second thing is just let me evaluate it, let you guys know on Monday, and go from there.”

  • The Fans – The fans said all they had to say during the game. “JT, JT, JT!!!”
  • The Media – How could you possibly not know by now that JT is the man for the job?
  • The Players – Doesn’t matter who the quarterback is. Just look at those red zone stats.

As I said above, I’m still rolling with #TeamCardale, but I can see the case people are making.


Meanwhile just before kickoff in the blackened Horseshoe, the team up north just lost a heart-breaker to little brother, Michigan State.

Urban said – “I heard about it. I saw there was a fumbled punt or something like that as time ran out. This league is tough. The East Division, Big Ten, lot of respect for those teams.”

  • The Fans 

  • The Media – Are you saying that the Big Ten is better than the SEC? Anarchy! Call the police! Call the mayor! Alert the media! Oh wait…we are the media.
  • The Players – Hahaha, Michigan suuuuuucks.

The Big Ten is for sure a lot better than it is given credit for by ESPN/the SEC Network.


When it boils down to picking a quarterback, Meyer hasn’t named one officially yet for the game at Rutgers, but…

Urban said – “I see the same thing that you see.”

  • The Fans – Thank goodness our coach finally listened to us chanting for JT! #TeamBarrett FTW!
  • The Media – We see that you still haven’t stuck with the same guy…why is that? It’s not like it could be because we keep on asking you each and every week is it?
  • The Players – We’re seeing 7-0 and a chance to go 8-0.

Whether you are on Team Barrett or Team Cardale, for the sake of my sanity and the sanity of both players, keep your opinions about it civil and respectful without belittling the other guy.



  1. It is especially clueless to be uncivil and disrespectful toward Cardale when it is clear that the relationship between JT and Cardale is a very good one, that is, first and foremost, focused on what is best FOR THE TEAM. They support each other as teammates; we should do our absolute best to support both of them too.

    While one can disagree about this or that decision regarding playing time, it makes no sense for “fans” to treat players badly, when those players are focused on doing what is best for the team. Too often we forget that these are young men facing challenges both on the field and in the classroom.

    True fans are mindful of this and do not add to the pressures that these young men face every day.

    • I completely agree with you Tom. And I wasn’t trying to knock JT either. It was simply a message to those fans who were chanting JT during the game with intent to make Cardale feel bad and make Meyer feel stupid and for finally going with the right choice.

      Meyer knows exactly what he is doing, at least more so than any of us fans.

      Well said.

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