5 B1G Observations: Week 7

I’m going to try really hard this week to keep it together.  A good blog writer/contributor would keep his emotions on lock.  He wouldn’t go off about what happened in Ann Arbor on Saturday afternoon.  He wouldn’t bring up the 99.8% probability of victory that the Wolverines somehow blundered.  He wouldn’t try to define Schadenfreude with a series of video clips and blog comments illustrating Michigan’s demise.  A good sports blog writer would stay non-biased, cover his subject matter with a level mind, and leave the emotion to the readers.  So that’s what you’re going to get today folks.  Sorry if you came here looking for dirty laundry because this guy is keeping it clean!



I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.  I won’t let it happen again.  Promise.


MGoBlog during Michigan’s last possession:

“Yes.  Paul Bunyan, welcome back.”

“3 yards to victory.”

“They’ll have 10 seconds.  No blocked punt.”

The doubt begins to creep in:

“Whatever we do here, let’s not Oregon State and snap the ball over the punter’s head please.”

“F–.  Please god do not do this to us.  Not here.  Not now.”

“Is punting dangerous?”  (My personal favorite)

It happens:


“Jesus Christ.  I don’t believe what I just witnessed.”

“I’m I dreaming?”


“Well that’s a new one.”

“I’ve given up hope.”

“So that’s what it’s like to be a Notre Dame fan.  I always wondered.”

Okay, okay – I just had to get that out of my system.  That’s all though, I’m good now.





Obviously I’m not a good blog writer.  Face it, this is just too good to ignore.  Also, steel in our spine?  Sack of potatoes?  This is the well-educated Michigan Man that we’re always told about?  And is it just me or does Harbaugh’s lower jaw extend farther and farther forward the angrier and more annoyed he gets?

#4: Larry Johnson is the boss

I rarely skipped a Skull Session while I was at Ohio State.  Thanks to Larry Johnson, if you were at the ‘Shoe and didn’t get to St. John Arena for pregame then you obviously missed out.  This guy knows how to get the #juice flowin’.

#5: The Buckeyes rise to the occasion

J.T. put on a show with four touchdowns accounted for in limited playing time.  The defense kept the screws tightened all night even after Joshua Perry went down with an injury.  The uniforms looked WAY better than I thought they would.  (Those Buckeye Leaves were seriously crispy).  The only ache in my heart is for Cardale Jones who pretty much cemented his role as a backup for the rest of the year.  Thanks a million for last season, Twelve Gauge.  It won’t soon be forgotten.

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