The Time Has Come, It’s JT’s Team

Before we get started here, I just want to point out how extremely awesome the atmosphere was at The Shoe this past Saturday night. I was lucky enough to be given a ticket to the game and man was it awesome. There is just something about a night game in The Shoe that is special. If you have never been able to make it to one I highly suggest that you find a way to make it happen in the near future; you won’t regret it. Also while we are on the topic of pure awesomeness, those uni’s where SICK. I understand some of you had your undies in a bunch over the Buckeyes not wearing their traditional colors, but your’re going to have to get over it…… It’s 2015. Tradition is great but every once and a while it doesn’t hurt to switch things up a little bit. Not to mention the players loved them and got all jacked up to wear them so ,in my opinion, there is not a single negative to these jerseys. Embrace change people; evolve or die!

Now to the topic that I’m suppose to be writing about. The topic that every writer that writes for the Buckeyes has talked about at nausium the past few months: who is our starting QB. Well folks if you watched the game at all on Saturday I thing that question got answered. JT Barrett came into the game when Cardale was struggling to get anything going for the OSU offense, and it seemed like from the moment he stepped on the field the team was his. JT accounted for 4 total TD’s and over 100 yards of offense. This is all while playing about half the game. Not to mention that he is now a perfect 12 for 12 in the red zone in the last 2 games. That is simply incredible considering that Cardale has been terrible in the same state line. It’s interesting that just 2 or 3 weeks ago I wrote a post about how everyone needed to relax and to trust Urban to do what was best for the team, and if that means starting Cardale then so be it, but after Saturday there is no ground to stand on in the defense of Jones. When JT is in the game it just feels like things are in control and the right guy is leading this team. The stat  line does nothing but support that argument. I also think that JT is about at the end of his road when it comes to being named the starter. I think he really feels that he is the better choice at this point and he is such a competitor that he wants the ball any chance he gets.

The one issue I’m having with all of this is that I really thought it would be an easy decision for the coaching staff to make. I thought that even in the post game interview Urban would name JT the starter, but that did not happen. Hopefully once they are able to watch the film it is clear to the staff that JT is the guy and that it’s his team to lead!


  1. I would respectfully disagree with you on this. Weren’t we all but sure that Cardale was the guy after the Va Tech game? After the Maryland game? After Barrett came in relief of Jones in our games against MAC opponents and threw multiple interceptions?

    Barrett cannot and SHOULD NOT be named the starter after only a half of football in which he ran for his touchdowns. The jump pass to Miller is not a traditional play/pass, so the only one impressive pass he made was to Thomas. It’s not like Barrett was given the chance to air it out.

    One half of football does not constitute a change at the position. It’s not like Barrett went out and threw for 400 yards or something. He played well, don’t get me wrong. But he does not deserve the starting role no matter his performance in a single half of football.

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