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There has been a lot of talk so far this year about the AP rankings and whether they are fair or not fair. The funny thing about all this talk is that the rankings really mean nothing. The only rankings that matter  are the playoff rankings that come out later in the season. So these rankings mean nothing. So this article means nothing…but let’s do it anyway.

1: Ohio State- This team is so confusing right now. They should be crushing every team they run into but every game they seem to struggle with pulling away. However, they stay number one because the only other team that has shown number one capabilities is Baylor, and the schedule they have played is weaker than Ohio States.

2: Baylor- This team has been absolutely dominant this year. Led by Corey Coleman and Seth Russell, the offense has averaged almost 64 points per game, which is just ridiculous. The only reason they are not number one is the teams they have faced. The have some games coming up against Oklahoma and TCU which will decide whether they are the best team in the league or not

3: Utah- This is the surprise team to me. I knew they would be good coming into the year, but I had no idea how good they would be. They have one of the best players in the league, one of the best defenses, and overall one of the best teams. If they keep playing like they have been, they will easily be a playoff team and title contender,

4: LSU- I picked LSU to win the SEC before the season started, and they are making that prediction look very good. They have had a great year that is largely in part to Leonard Fournette, who is right now the best player in the league. As long as Brandon Harris plays well enough to make this a 2 dimensional team, they will be truly a scary team to play

5: TCU- TCU and Michigan State have run into the same issue; they keep winning, but keep falling down the polls. TCU has won and are still undefeated, but they have struggled in doing so, mainly on the defensive side. They have some tough tests coming up, so we will see if this is just a phase or if they actually are overrated.

Close but not quite

6: Michigan State

7: Clemson

8: Alabama

9: Stanford

10: Florida State

Dark horses


-Oklahoma State


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