The Urban Dictionary: 10/14


Welcome back to the second installment in The Urban Dictionary.

The Bucks finally seemed to wake up this past weekend in their 49-28 victory over the Terrapins, but some questions still arose with the game still tied in the third quarter.

We’ll start things off with a quote in reference to the recent struggles that have been plaguing the Buckeyes offense for most of the season, just before the game against a pesky Randy Edsall Maryland team.

Urban said – “We’re rocking a little bit. We’re teetering. We need something, someone somehow to push us over. Break the rock, as I keep telling them.”

  • The Fans – Didn’t we break that rock last season? What is so different from last season to now? Why don’t we try breaking the 40 point marker for once.
  • The Media – Someone to push you over? Like…JT Barrett?
  • The Players – It’s up to me to be that someone to push us over the edge. Or it’s probably Zeke. When in doubt, feed the Zeke.


Offensively, the unit found its groove that it’s been desperately searching for all season since the Virginia Tech game. And who was it again that put the nail in the coffin against the Hokies? Just a guy named Braxton Miller.

Urban said – “He [Jones] had a couple of deep balls right on target with Braxton and Jalin. Two Braxtons, if I remember right. It was great to get Braxton Miller involved. Let him get his ten touches.”

  • The Fans Only ten touches?!? Miller needs to touch the ball every play!
  • The Media – Will Miller eventually get a chance to throw the ball? Tell us all your secrets for plays you plan on using later in the season…
  • The Players – Return of the real – It’s Miller time! #shhhhhhh


Despite the offensive improvements, the Silver Bullets had trouble with containing Maryland quarterback Perry Hills, and just a week prior, Indiana’s Zander Diamont.

Urban said – “Athletic quarterbacks are something that’s hurt us two weeks in a row.”

  • The Fans – Shouldn’t we know how to stop athletic quarterbacks? Considering our defense practices against the three most athletic quarterbacks in the country on a daily basis?
  • The Media - You’ve got two (three) athletic quarterbacks yourself, so which one is going to be starter for next week?
  • The Players - We definitely need to work on containing the quarterback and not letting him scramble out of the pocket.


Cardale had one of his best games thus far as a starter completing 21 of his 28 passing attempts for 291 yards and two touchdowns. And backup red zone quarterback JT Barrett proved to be a threat in the ground game with three rushing touchdowns. The question still remains – if JT was the go-to guy in scoring positions, then why isn’t he the g0-to guy all the time?

Urban said – “We just won, man. I’m going to go enjoy a nice Gatorade tonight.”

  • The Fans – Winning isn’t enough. We should have destroyed Maryland, and we probably would have if JT was the starter.
  • The Media – Maybe we have talked about this quarterback situation too much? But then again, probably not.
  • The Players – Party at coach Meyer’s crib tonight! BYOB -Bring your own beer bottled water.

It’s safe to say that Urban is tired of answering questions and talking about the quarterback situation, but it seems as though this past weekend was a step in the right direction for the offense and for the quarterbacks.

On to the next one, in our normal black uniforms…

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