5 B1G Observations: Week 6


It’s hard to believe that we’ve already been through a month and a half of football.  The offseason is a barren wasteland where time slows to a crawl and there seems to be no end in sight.  So how is it that time rockets by Marty McFly style as soon as the Buckeyes take the field?  Please college football season, never end.

Ohio State seemed to get back into their groove this week with over 500 yards of offense and nearly 50 points.  Pinch me Nancy, I want to make sure I’m not dreaming of 2014.  Yeah so Maryland’s dual-threat quarterback ran all over us.  Yeah so we employed two quarterbacks.  Yeah so the Silver Bullets took a step back and blah, BLAH, B-L-A-H!  If you are a part of the crowd of naysayers out there that likes to hang their head after a victory, then I am afraid I cannot relate.  Can’t you look at preseason Top Ten teams like Auburn, Oregon, USC, and Georgia and be glad that your team hasn’t fallen out of the Top 25 like they have?  Even ranked teams with losses (Alabama, scUM, Ole Miss, Notre Dame, Stanford) have mountains to climb to get back into the College Football Playoff.  The field is top heavy this year and your Ohio State Buckeyes sit steadily on that mountain’s zenith.  I’ll take an “ugly” win over a close loss any day.  And so would any team I just mentioned, just ask TCU.

The season hinges on this Saturday night.  Black out the ‘Shoe and beat Penn State.  It will set the tone for the second half. #YouHeardItHereFirst

#1: Norries Wilson gives the best post-game interview since Dennis Green with the Arizona Cardi – “THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!!!”

I’d be emotional too if my team came that close to beating Michigan State.  Is it just me or does Wilson look like he could be related to the dad from “Family Matters”?

#2: I can’t mention Rutgers without showing you this.

This might be the most boneheaded play I’ve seen on a football field since rookie Plaxico Burress spiked-fumbled a big catch for the Steelers.  RIP Rutgers football.

#3: Taylor Swift couldn’t write a heartbreak song quite like Nebraska’s 2015 season.

This is getting sad, man.  All of the Cornhuskers losses this season have been absolutely heart-wrenching.  And this week, to be beaten by an overweight kicker with the world’s worst mustache… Humiliating.

#4: That Team Up North

I hate this Wolverine team with the fire of a million suns.  I can hardly wait for Urban to douse whatever voodoo sorcery Harbaugh is conjuring up there.  See you in November – good luck keeping us off the scoreboard.

#5: Cardale gets his swag back

Did anyone need to see this touchdown pass more than Cardale Jones?  I think not.  It had everything we’ve come to expect from Twelve Gauge: play action, pump fake, and hitting his receiver perfectly in stride.  And in a game where he was taken off the field during red zone possessions, I believe that this play will go a long way in building Jones’ confidence back up.  I feel bad for the Nittany Lions already.

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