In Urban You Should Trust

Before I get into the meat of this article there is an issue that I would like to address. It is pretty obvious that coming off of a national championship the Buckeyes have not played quite as well as we had hoped they would. News flash! This game is not easy. It is easy, however, to tell when a fan actually knows anything about football and when they are just a blow-hard trying to be a tough guy by tweeting at OSU’s 18-22 year old players telling them how bad they suck and how much of a disgrace they are. If you are one of these football experts PLEASE do us all a favor and delete your Twitter. No one cares what you have to say because you are ignorant. Truth hurts.

Now that I’ve got that off of my chest, let’s talk football! There is something that every one of us needs to remember when watching the Buckeyes and yelling at the TV screen. Urban Meyer knows more about the game of football than all of us combined. In case you’ve forgotten, he has won THREE national titles. One of those titles happend to be for our team just last year. That being said, can we please stop questioning the QB decision?! If JT was out playing Cardale in practice than he would be starting, but he is not! Not to mention even when Jones has been benched and JT was put in, the offense did not run any better that it did with Cardale. I’m going to say this again it’s URBAN MEYER. Trust your coach and support his decisions. If you watched the post game interview right after the game was over when Indiana was one play away from tying the game up, Urb looked like he just got done telling a dirty joke to the coaching staff. He wasn’t worried. If Urban looks confidant, we should too.

If you want to  question a coach/ coaches it’s the offensive coordinator possition  being run by Ed Warinner and Tim Beck. There is no rhythm or consistency to our offense. Guys look out of sorts and confused at times. This my friends is an issue! I don’t know if this means that Urban needs to just take it over and run it himself or what, but after six games it is not much better than it was early in the year.

The point to this article is to simply say trust your coach. He is the best in the business. We may end up losing a game or two this year, (yes I know it’s hard to believe) but not even Urb is perfect. We could easily slip up on a team we should beat, but that is football that is the way it goes sometimes. That’s why they say repeating is so hard, but if anyone can do it, it’s Urban Meyer!


  1. Hey1
    It was TJ who won 10 games, while CJ was 3rd string for a reason!

    • Very true and valid argument! But do you think Urban would stick with CJ if JT was out playing him in practice?

  2. Dan Entingh says

    If Jones doesn’t overthrow Marshal on one potential td throw and Marshal does not fumble inside the 5 and we win 48-27, everyone would be elated and there would be no qb controversy. Remember how we struggled last year and responded to adversity after the Penn State game. Well, history may repeat itself.

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