5 Biggest Threats to Ohio State’s Throne

Artwork:  Mark Simonetti

Artwork:  Mark Simonetti

Knowledge is a weapon, Jon Snow. Arm yourself well before you ride forth to battle.- George R. R. Martin.

2 fortnights into the 2015 season and King Brutus is still perched on top of his Champion Throne. This Saturday the Buckeye’s ride west to clash with the Hoosiers of Bloomington who have yet to lose a battle this year.

For the 5th straight week, OSU is a heavy favorite to claim victory in a battle in the war for the throne, but plenty of threats still loom in the shadows…

Many kingdoms have ended abruptly due to a lack of awareness or a feeling of invincibility. Examples:

The Roman Empire falling apart due to barbarian attacks and social collapse within.

British Empire losing the colonies after not respecting the underdog Americans.

The Alabama Dynasty failing after sleeping on Cardale Jones and Ezekiel Elliott (or for trusting Captain Lane Kiffen).

So who are Ohio State’s barbarians or Americans for 2015? In order to extend the Buckeye reign for another season, I have identified these threats for General Meyer…

Here are the 5 Biggest Threats to the Buckeye Throne:

5. Eastern and Western Fronts

Ohio is a rich land that borders two seemingly helpless kingdoms- Pennsylvania and Indiana. The Buckeye’s will battle two armies from these lands in the next three weeks and I believe that they are both threats.

Indiana and Penn State both have an offense that maybe able to exploit the one weakness of a talented OSU defense-They each can spread the field and attack the Bucks up the middle, which Western Michigan (and somewhat NIU) showed can gash the Buckeyes for some decent gains.

Both schools have an outstanding newcomer with the nations leading rusher/transfer Sir Jordan Howard (Indiana) and freshmen sensation Prince Saquon Barkley (PSU) who must be accounted for when the battle begins. These soldiers are deadly and a strategy must be put in place to out maneuver them.

The difference between our foes to the East and West is Indiana’s other war strategy is to throw the ball while Penn State relies on a solid defense. Each teams weakness is the other armies strength. The Bucks will have to be ready to win battles on multiple fronts.

4. Thy Enemy of the North

Ohio State and Michigan have been at war for over a century now. The past decade has been nothing short of a massacre. Ohio State has only lost one battle (after the 2011 scandal with General Tressel) to the Wolfmen of Ann Arbor during this time.

In a move that surprised many, former Wolverine soldier Jim Harbaugh has now taken over the Michigan army after years of fighting out West. He’s unpredictable, he’s insane and he puts Gatorade on his cereal. Ohio State should be prepared for anything when they invade Ann Arbor at the end of November. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t something similar Mel Gibson’s mooning strategy against the British in Braveheart.

Now, I’ m not going to overreact to last weeks #TransitivePropertymageddon like many Michigan peasants are. Yes Utah, who barely beat Michigan, who destroyed BYU, killed Oregon who barely lost to Michigan State who slept walked against Central Michigan (got it?) but that does not mean the Michigan State army is now less powerful than Michigan’s. Every week is different.

For example, my rec. basketball team (0-7) lost to a team 80-40 three weeks ago. It wasn’t pretty and frankly, I was embarrassed. Last week, we played that exact same team and lost 66-62. Ignoring the fact I missed 2 free throws to tie it with 30 seconds left (curse the yips), this shows that anything can happen in any given game.

I still see Michigan falling to the Spartans.

Speaking of…

3. The Spartans

This is simple, the Spartans are the toughest army left on the schedule. They may pull a “Sparty” to a lesser known army before the November 21st showdown in Columbus but this will be a bloody war.

Winner of this one claims the East for themselves.

2. The Southern Champion

While General Meyer knows that he must claim his conference before the Final 4 Battle for the Throne, it’s hard not to notice what is going on in the Southeastern Alliance (SEC).

Similar to last year with Alabama, I believe the toughest battle will come from an SEC opponent no matter which date they play.

I’m still not a huge believer in Utah, Baylor, TCU or UCLA. Though Notre Dame or Clemson can try to impress me Saturday night but both teams have been skating on this ice a few times.

LSU, Georgia and Ole Miss look like serious threats to the throne at this current hour.

1.  Casualties

I refuse to use the I word here (it rhymes with pinjuries) but I feel the biggest threat to Ohio State’s throne could be if certain players go down in battle.

Ohio State’s had a few nicked up soldiers but have been relatively lucky so far. There will be more to come but they can’t be serious at a few positions: RB WR LB and DB. Too much youth and inexperience on the bench to count on winning the big battles towards the end of the year.

If they can avoid some tragic losses, I believe the General Meyer reign will continue through the next season.

“I wish you good fortune in the wars to come.”– Mance Rayder


  1. Excellent post, as usual, Ryan. I hate to say it, but Sparty scares me more than anyone outside of the conference. Georgia, LSU and ‘Bama all have weaknesses. Notre Dame and Clemson are both smoke and mirrors. The no-defense-required Big 12 is a joke and everyone in the Pac 12 looks beatable.

  2. Ryan Black says

    Appreciate it. Yea, Luckily we get them at home. We’ll find out about Georgia and LSU against Bama.

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