Friday Open Thread: Week One

We’re going to try and get back to our weekly Open Thread discussions. These will hopefully run when there are games happening (Ohio State games and others) and also a Friday Open Thread where we have a discussion of the aspects of the game facing Ohio State for that particular week. This week’s Open Thread is an easy one, and it’s accompanied with a new poll. Who runs out on the field for Ohio State’s first possession Monday night?

[poll id=”73″]


  1. For the record, I don’t care who starts, but I think it’s J.T.

  2. It’s been said 100 times, JT just runs Meyer’s offense better than Cardale. I just hope that whoever is playing doesn’t feel pressured by the guy on the bench and drops their productivity. It’s so close I can taste it….

    • Yeah, looking over their shoulder is going to be the biggest problem for the QBs this year. Worrying less about being themselves and worrying more about screwing up is going to be an issue if things go south early, no matter who’s at the helm.

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