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The 2015 recruiting class was one of the best in the country and is arguably the strongest unit within that class is the offensive line. Ohio State has a history of producing NFL caliber lineman throughout the years. With that being said, it was well- known that the Buckeyes really needed to bring in a nice o-line class to re-stock the cupboard, and that is exactly what they did. So let’s take a look at a few of these guys!

The first was probably the most high profile of all the o-lineman coming in this year. The 6’3″ 300 lbs Mathew Burrell of Woodbridge, Virginia was an absolute stud coming out of high school. His film was like watching a grown adult playing against the local 4th grade Pop Warner team. But it wasn’t just his on field play that made Mathew so attractive to every big time program in the country. It was also his big time personality. Mathew has no problem talking in a crowd, and is a guy that just seemed to have that leadership quality. So far in camp we have not heard a lot about Matt, but I would bet he is making an impact. As far as playing time goes it’s highly doubtful that Mathew will see any PT this year because the first team is so impressive, but as seen last year with Braxton things can change in a blink of an eye.

The next guy has been making a big splash so far in camp, but for a lot of buckeye fans he is a bit of a unknown because of the way his recruitment went. The 6’7″ 305 lbs Isaiah Prince was a big time recruit from Greenbelt, MD and was coveted by all the big time programs. At the end of the recruiting season it came down to the Buckeyes, Alabama, and (his hometown school) Maryland. Most people thought  he was going to end up staying home and going to Maryland, but Urban ,doing what he does best, was able to turn Price and get him to come to the buckeye state.  Ever since arriving in Columbus Prince has made an impact. In fact, he was the first freshman to lose his ” black stripe” and right now is on the two deep at the right tackle position. Prince has the potential to be a big time player if he keeps up the good work!

The next tower of a man the Buckeyes brought in this year is 6’7″ 320lbs Brandon Bowen. When you talk about a guy that looks like he should be playing on Sunday’s,this is the guy! Oh yeah… AND he is only a freshman. Brandon comes to Ohio from Draper, UT and brings the mountain landscape with him in the form of his size. It’s easy to get caught up in his size, but Brandon is also extremely athletic. Just like Mathew we have not heard a lot about Brandon from camp but hopefully he is putting in the work needed because his potential is through the roof.

Believe it or not there is another guy that is even bigger than both Brandon and Prince. 6’9″ 305 lbs Kevin Feder is a guy that you bring to every game just to let him get off of the bus first; simply for an intimidation factor. Don’t get me wrong Feder has a lot of upside. He is just a little rough around the edges, but let’s not forget that the Buckeyes have probably the best o-line coach in the counrty so give him a year or two and Feder could be a beast at the tackle position.

Finally the last guy in this class that has big time upside is 6’6″ 310 lbs,  Grant Schmidt.  Grant comes to Columbus from Sioux Falls, SD and was the only lineman able to enroll early in the spring to get a head start on the playbook and getting to know his teammates. Grant looks to be the guy to play the guard position opposite of Mathew in the future .

It looks like the Urban recruiting train has landed another great group of potential stars for the Buckeyes. Can’t wait to see how these guys develop.





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