OSU Football Adds Opponents to Future Schedule

Everyone keeps harping how easy Ohio State schedule has been and will be going forward. Now I for one won’t defend their schedule except for the folks that say the SEC has a harder one and blah blah blah.

Here is the deal Ohio State has added Army to their schedule (Sept. 16, 2017) and Florida Atlantic University (Aug. 31, 2019). Nope not world beaters and can’t say these games will make Buckeye fans cower in fear. I will say this and yes I am pointing square at you SEC fans who love to talk smack. Do you see an FCS team on the schedule? Do you see a cupcake game before The Game with TTUN? Exactly no you don’t.

“Oh but our conference games are so tough” that’s the logic you get from fans or media from the Southeastern Conference. Your one division might be tough and yes for the love of all things holy The Ohio State University would win lots of games in your division let alone conference. Have you forgotten who leads the Scarlet and Gray on the sideline? Yeah the one who started the “SEC Dynasty”. Coach Meyer seems to know a thing or two about coaching seeing how he is the most active winning coach. I digress to point out yes the Big Ten may be experiencing down years for the last decade, but make no doubt about it its not dead.

Indiana during the regular season beat one of your SEC teams, the Wisconsin Badgers and Ohio State Buckeyes won against the SEC in bowl games (SEC vs. B1G bowl record 2-2). Heck the Big Ten after being pronounced dead after a crappy week 2 showing last year and rightfully so, came back and finished 6-5 for a conference bowl record. SEC finished 7-5 wow pretty impressive for the strongest conference in the nation.

I’ll tell you what SEC teams Ohio State has an open date in 2018, two in 2020 and 2021, one in 2022, also two in 2024. Why don’t we start making some noise and lets get some games as a home and home series. We folks up here in the North would welcome your teams into Columbus, to experience The Horseshoe. We would love to come down South to enjoy your college game day atmospheres.


  1. More recently Bama’s been scheduling @Penn St, Michigan, Wisky, USC in TX, Florida State. Gators playing TTUN @TX in 17, Georgia @ND in 17, LSU @Wisky in 16, Arkansas TCU in 16 & 17, 18 @TTUN. Some SEC teams need to travel more like to the Pacific Coast for once but overall things have improved with SEC scheduling. On the other hand the Buckeye’s schedule horribly with fans having to wait till 18,19 for an emerging powerhouse like TCU and 20,21 for Oregon, ND 20, 21 and for revenge with Texas in 23. The argument against the SEC in scheduling continues to fade somewhat and IMO the PAC more than any conference got screwed the worst with SEC scheduling in the BSC era. The PAC had some great teams and only once had a chance to play an SEC team for a title in it’s 7/8 run.

    • The big problem that SEC and OSU fans always make is comparing the two. Why is it OSU has to be compared to 14 teams? Sure Bama has been improving their Non-Conf schedule but they refuse to do home and homes instead opting for “neutral” game sites that are NEVER neutral. Shame on the teams that agree to this sham as well IMHO.

      Ohio State doesnt have a scheduling issue they have a great model of one tough game and two so so games and nine conference games. The SEC refuses to follow that model for their own reasons. The continued fight over non-conf schedules has grown old and tired to me. Any team in a Power 5 conference just needs to win the games in front of them and they will make the playoff. In the playoff that is where the only non-conf games that matter are played.

      • That could be an article in itself, “How Bama is Ruining College Football”, the trend of playing in Texas for the money, shame on them setting a trend the Gators are following.
        Your right, thank God the playoffs put the scheduling debates somewhat on the back burner. Still cringe at the thought Bama would have played FSU under a BCS title game last year.
        Anybody have an opinion how Wisky will do vs Bama?

        • I don’t think Bama will be as good this year as they have been. May even be a 4 loss team when it is all said and done. That said here is Wisky’s issue. They are truly one dimensional on offense. If Wisky can find a way to pass the ball and open the run game with it then they have a chance. Bama has the talent but the questions at QB and WR need to be answered. Bama’s defense is susceptible see OSU and Oklahoma bowl games. Study those games and use what they did and Wisky can win. But I don’t think they will.

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