Braxton Miller Makes His Announcement (Per Report)

In what every CFB fan has been waiting for Braxton Miller sat down with the Columbus Dispatch and let the world know where he stands. Here are some exerpts…

While Braxton Miller still has a little ways to go on his goal to play quarterback again at Ohio State, he said Thursday there was little doubt that road would lead him back to the Buckeyes for his final season.

“I’m from Ohio, this is my home state,” Miller said. “This is where I started and this is where I’m going to finish it.”

“I look on the internet, and I see things forever on my timeline – Instagram, Twitter – that had me transferring to all types of different schools and stuff like that,” Miller said. “It was kind of a big controversy at the time but, you know, I had to keep my head on straight.

“Schools reached out, they reached out hard, and I kept my head where it needed to be, and I stayed smart with my situation.” Because, as he pointed out, “It was kind of tough for me and my family to go through that situation, the second (shoulder) surgery and stuff like that.”

For the record, he re-pledged his allegiance to Ohio State.

On if he will play Quarterback?

Miller said he is returning for his fifth year at Ohio State with the initial goal of playing quarterback again.

“Absolutely. … God put me on this earth … to be an athlete, and the first thing in mind is being a quarterback, and just be smart about what I do,” Miller said.

He indicated he will embrace a competition with Barrett and Jones once preseason camp begins.

“I know who I am as a person. I know who I am as an athlete,” Miller said. “As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football. If any competition wants to come my way, I’ve just got to be smart about things and just stay looking forward.”

On if he is healthy?

“The only reason why they say I’m not 100 percent yet is a little bit (because of) the rotation in my right arm. But that’s going to come, by throwing the ball every day. That comes with repetition. Other than that, I’m healthy.”

On having to sit out last year?

“It was tough, man,” Miller said. “It was tough for me because as a competitor you want to play in the type of environment like that, you want to play in games like that. You dream of stuff like that. … “But you know, at the end of the day, all these guys work just as hard as I do, and they want to see the same thing that I want to see. … They work hard throughout their career, they got to that point, and I was happy for them.”

To recap…

Braxton is returning…

Braxton is playing QB…

Braxton is an athlete if he loses the starting QB nod he may switch positions…

Braxton is healthy.

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