By The Numbers: Is OSU At 85 Players?

So a lot has been made about where OSU sits as far as scholarship players and getting to that magic number of 85 by the time Fall Camp Starts in August. Here is what we know so far as of June 18th where OSU sits based on Roster and Incoming Freshman. So lets breakdown who we have and what number we are at. What needs to happen if we are over 85.


Slade, Darius
Knox, Demetrius
Thompson, Dylan
Taylor, Brady
Conner, Nick
Cornell, Jashon
Trout, Kyle
Dixon, Johnnie
Schmidt, Grant
Hooker, Malik
Hubbard, Sam
Lattimore, Marshon
Hilliard, Justin
Baker, Jerome
Gibson, Torrance
Weber, Michael
Glover-Williams, Eric
Prince, Isaiah
Burrell, Matt
Jones, Dre’Mont
Hill, KJ
Ward, Denzel
Stump, Alex
Burrow, Joe
Landers, Robert
Feder, Kevin
Norwood, Joshua
Alexander, AJ
Bowen, Brandon
Alabi, Joshua
Arnette, Damon
Berry, Rashod
Hamilton, DaVon
McCullough, Liam



Smith, Erick
Clark, James
Collier, Stephen
Conley, Gareon
Webb, Damon
Apple, Eli
Booker, Dante
Barrett, J.T.
Samuel, Curtis
Price, Billy
Nuernberger, Sean
Munger, Donovan
McMillan, Raekwon
McLaurin, Terry
Marshall, Jalin
Lisle, Evan
Hill, Michael
Holmes, Jalyn
Brown, Noah
Baugh, Marcus
Lewis, Tyquan
Lee, Darron
Jones, Jamarco
Sprinkle, Tracy
Campbell, Parris
Worley, Chris



Ball, Warren
Johnston, Cameron
Wilson, Dontre
Bell, Vonn
Thomas, Michael
Bosa, Joey
Burrows, Cam
Dunn, Bri’onte
Elflein, Pat
Powell, Tyvis
Elliott, Ezekiel
Jones, Cardale



37 Perry, Joshua
90 Schutt, Tommy
68 Decker, Taylor
84 Smith, Corey
57 Farris, Chase
50 Boren, Jacoby
44 Berger, Kyle
81 Vannett, Nick
92 Washington, Adolphus
51 Hale, Joel
55 Williams, Camren
41 Haynes, Bryce
5 Miller, Braxton


Freshman- 34
Sophomores- 26
JRs- 12
SRs- 13
Total- 85

UPDATED: Eleven Warriors is reporting Marcelys Jones has left OSU officially.

One other note looking at JRs and it is extremely likely that OSU could have single digit SRs on next years team.

Also no matter how many times I tweet to OSU athletics to tell them Kyle Berger is not a SR they refuse to correct this issue lol.


  1. Kyle Berger is a RFR not a SR

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