Urban’s Hospitalization

Head Coach Urban Meyer is scheduled to have his appendix removed today. Although this was unplanned, there are no major concerns up to this point. Meyer, was planning on attending an event at the University of Findlay, but will not make that trip since he is likely to spend the night in the hospital.

Doug Lesmerises stated “ Ohio State had made it public that Meyer would be forced to miss an event at the University of Findlay on Wednesday night because of an unplanned surgery. And anything regarding Meyer’s health is of note given some past health issues.

But Shelley made clear this is a routine, though unplanned, medical situation and said just after noon on Wednesday that she was in the hospital with her husband with the surgery soon to begin. He may be held overnight in the hospital.”

There is still a great possibility Meyer will still throw out the first pitch Friday at the New York Yankees game. Currently, he is still planned for that trip to New York.

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