’16 TE Luke Farrell Favorites Ohio State


Ohio State is known for grabbing the top talent out of the state of Ohio. With all of its D-1 prospects, tight end Luke Farrell is among the best in his class coming out of Buckeye country, even the country. Being rated the 10th prospect and the 7th tight end in his class (per 247Sports), Farrell is on the radar for programs across the country.

The 6’6, 240 Perry, Ohio native currently holds 14 offers, including Ohio State. He also holds offers from programs such as Boston College, Michigan State, Penn State, Notre Dame, Alabama, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. Rated a four-star, The Crystal Ball per 247Sports has Farrell going to Ohio State 100%, coming from twenty predictions. With the way the Buckeyes have implemented the tight ends in the last couple seasons, Farrell would be a perfect fit.

The recruiting process began for Farrell back in May of 2014 when he received his first scholarship from Illinois. Following that, a pair of Big Ten offers came along. Recruitment blew up from that  point, with offers from several programs from several conferences across the country awarding a scholarship to the Perry tight end. “The process has been a little hectic lately with the visits over spring break. I am trying to narrow it down and figure it out to where I commit by the end of the summer.” said Farrell.

The schools leading the race include Ohio State, Boston College, Penn State, and Michigan. Farell’s most recent visits came in April as he went on to visit Boston College, Penn State, Oregon, and Michigan State. But, Ohio State has been visited the most. “I’ve visited Ohio State the most. All the support they have and attention they get is great. Also, Boston College really impressed me academically. I also liked Penn State.” said Farrell.

“Our team is going to Michigan State for a 7 on 7, so I will stay there an extra day or two for a visit. Other than that, I have no other planned visits right now.”

Farrell visited Ohio State on March 28th to see a practice, which was not his first visit. “I was able to see how they run their practices. I talked to Coach Hinton and Coach Meyer, both were asking how recruiting was going and if I was close to my decision.” said Farrell.

Ohio State has implemented the use of the tight ends more frequently, which is appealing to Farrell. He likes how there are packages with the use of two tight ends. “They can put two out there at a time. People ask if Jake Hausmann commits, would I still go to Ohio State? Since the Buckeyes use two tight ends this has no factor in my decision. I like how they split them out, as well as their hand on their ground.” said Farrell.

When asked about his type of play, Farrell explained how is an overall well tight end. He can block, and run routes well. Which, Jeff Heurman and Nick Vannett have both been successful at these past couple seasons at Ohio State.

Farrell is planning on committing over the the summer. He gave an estimate around the beginning of August.


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