Micah Potter Expresses Feelings as a Buckeye


With an offer from Ohio State in late March, Center Micah Potter committed to Ohio State, officially on April 20th. Potter joins alongside Lakewood St. Edward center Derek Funderburk. Potter, growing up a Buckeye fan and living in Mentor, Ohio did not have a hard time making his mind up when choosing Ohio State.

“The big thing for me was the visit on Saturday. I went down for the spring game and they gave me a tour of the campus. I never seen the actual school side of things until this past visit. They showed me the dorms, classes, pretty much the lifestyle of Ohio State. I always wanted a big school, big city kind of feel.” Potter said. “Growing up an Ohio kid, its a dream come true for me.”

Potter, had no intentions on committing during his visit this past weekend. It seems as if Thad Matta is a magician in getting recruits to commit while visiting Ohio State. “I even told myself, and my dad that I was not going to commit, and I wasn’t ready to commit. I was going to see and visit some other schools that had just started to recruit me really hard along with the schools that already offered me. But, the visit just really set things off for me. Everything I saw and everything that we did. Ohio State felt like the right place to be.”

Potter will fit into the program well, especially with his size. ” I feel that I will fit in well.” Potter said. Buckeye fans know the feeling of a minimal presence from the big men.”The big thing that the coaches urged on me was that they have not been successful as they were in the past couple years was because their lack of size. They wanted a guy that could spread the floor.”

The coaching staff compared Potter to a Jared Sullinger type of player. With his size and ability to spread the floor, this is a good comparison. “They told me that I was a more athletic Jared Sullinger with a more outside game. That is the type of position that I will play at Ohio State along with the bigs that will be there.” Potter said.

When asked about how he went about committing, Potter laughed a little and began to explain his unique commitment. “It was kind of weird actually. Towards the end of the visit we all went into Coach Matta’s office and talked a little bit. There was a lot of pressure because I knew they really wanted me to commit, but at the same time, I still wanted visit other schools. But then, out loud, in front of the coaches I went through the situation with my dad, going through all my future options. I compared Ohio State and all of the options, and Ohio State outweighed those options.” Potter said.

The Mentor High School Head Coach, Robert Krizancic is very proud of Micah’s decision and how far he has come. “Micah has improved daily in the past two years. He went from an unknown to being offered  from ACC, Big Ten schools, because of his improvement. I think he will continue to improve, being able to go inside and outside.” said Krizancic.

“I think Micah knows he is going to have to compete daily. He would not have went out unless he knew he could compete at that level. He knows exactly what he has to do. His goal, having committed is to play the day he arrives on campus. He is playing at a high level, I think he will be ready when he steps on campus.”

Coach Paulus has developed a great relationship with Coach Krizancic through several years, as Paulus went on to offer Krizancic’s son while he was at Navy. Krizancic expressed great respect for the entire coaching staff, and talked about how the coaches made the entire situation personal. “It is a very special school, and Micah jumped on a great opportunity.” Krizancic said.

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