Buckeyes Land A Tuf Recruit

So you want to be a recruiting expert? You think you can read and talk to and converse about recruiting many hours every day and have a firm grasp on what is happening and who will and who wont become a Buckeye. So you go out to dinner with your family and enjoy a nice meal and come home to watch Scandal or whatever 🙂 and you log onto your computer to check Twitter and BOOM some committed but who, what, why, and honestly to what extent? Tuf Borland you say but wait didnt I just crystal ball him to Wisconsin because practically every member of his family played for the Badgers? How did OSU land this very talented young man? How did no one not a single person with connections at the highest of levels know this was a possibility let alone happening? Well the only thing I could come up with was 59-0 is truly a Legacy Destroyer. OSU beat Wisconsin so bad in the B1G Championship game that a sure bet to be a Badger has decided he wants to be a Buckeye. So lets hear it in his own words…

Tuf Borland is a 6’2″ 225 lbs Four Star Linebacker from Bollingbrook, Illinois. What does Tuf bring to OSU? Well lets not ignore his name he is a tough player with great instincts. He has speed and power and can play any of the LB positions but will likely end up playing in the middle. It is just a huge coup for the staff to take away a player who would have gone to a rival school and now can help defeat those rivals.

You willwant to watch his highlights so do that here.

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