Two More 2015 Commits Wont Be on The Team This Year (Per Reports)

Drama Drama Drama…. In what is starting to be the word of the week it seems OSU is having an issue getting out of the Drama Dept. A new report is out and claims that one commit will Gray Shirt and another didnt qualify because of grades here is part of the report from Cleveland.Com….

Also, a source said that one other Ohio State player who committed to this incoming freshman class did not meet academic eligibility requirements set out for him in December and won’t be part of the team this year, though it’s possible he may enroll in the future.

And one other member listed as part of the 27-member Class of 2015 in February is expected to grayshirt. That move would have the player enroll in the winter, after the season, and not count against the scholarship total now.

No word on who those 2 players are but there was word that Long Snapper Liam McCullough was rumored for a long time to be a Gray Shirt candidate. As for who may have had grade issues there were rumors that Rashod Berry and Eric Glover-Williams may have had issues but it is impossible to tell until OSU says for sure.

If these 2 stories are true and Jamel Dean is done at OSU that will put OSU at the 85 scholly max they needed to be at by Aug 1st.

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