Top 2016 OSU Commit Considering “Other Options” (Per Report)

Ohio State has been pretty much drama free for a while now so of course everything would hit at once. Jamel Dean is leaving the program and his HS Coach isn’t happy about it and all but saying OSU is forcing him out. Now comes a new report saying that the Top recruit in the 2016 class is unhappy and considering other options on the heels of canceling his visit for Spring Game today as well and visiting Rutgers for the 2nd time in 3 weeks. Here is a snippet of the report from Tom VanHaaren of ESPN ($$$)….

When ESPN junior 300 running back Kareem Walker first committed to Ohio State, he thought he would be the only running back in the class and Stan Drayton would be the running backs coach. Nearly three months later, neither statement is the same.

Ohio State now has three ESPN Junior 300 running backs committed and Drayton has gone to the Chicago Bears, replaced by former Notre Dame running backs coach Tony Alford.

Walker, the top-ranked back in 2016, thought he would be the only running back in the class, so when Drayton left and the other two backs committed to the Buckeyes, it started to make him think.

“The coaches told me that Coach Alford said they would use DeMario McCall like Jalin Marshall, as an H-back, but when I was talking to [George Hill], he said he wanted to play running back,” Walker said. “Everybody is saying they’ll be the slot guys and I’ll be the running back. You have the No. 1 running back and you take three backs in my class.”

Walker says he isn’t going to make any decisions right now, but he does want to sit down with his coach to talk about the impact of the other two prospects and if he should make any tough decisions in the near future.

Obviously this is not the kind of thing you want to be reading but there is a ton of time left before the 2016 class will sign their LOIs and plenty of time for Coach Meyer and his staff to mend any fences they may need to.

*** Mini Update ***

I know Kareem has been telling people he was going to come to the Spring Game and then today canceled that so he could take the ACT test. Doing a little digging on the ACT site and at best he would have had to register to take the test by March 27th so he has known for at least 2 weeks he wouldnt be at the Spring Game so not sure what to make of this but either he never planned on coming or he is using the ACT testing as an excuse not to come now.


  1. Bad news Buckeyes. He will NOT be going to OSU when it’s all said and done. Simple result of the Meyer oversigning philosophy. Plus, there is a movement in NJ right now with the top players staying home. Jarrett Guarantano will be the first domino to fall to Rutgers and many others will follow. I understand thinking I’m just an RU fan popping off. Not the case. I’m involved in HS football in NJ and I can tell you the possibility of a decommit is over 50%.

    • Hello RU fan, First thanks for stopping by to read our site. I know Rutgers fans truly believe the way you do and there is a chance you are right and for the sake of your program I sort of hope you are. RU needs to keep the best players in the region to succeed. Sure it would be great if OSU landed some of them but OSU can get great players from anywhere.

      My only issue with your reply is mathematically speaking there cant be a greater than 50% chance of decommit. Either he will or wont so it is 50% 😉

    • Monday Night Froetteur says


      Guarantano is going to commit to OSU or Tennessee. Likely Tennessee. To retain elite in-State talent, Rutgers needs to spend on a big-name coach with an expensive staff. Kyle Food (or whatever his name is) is not doing it.

      Rutgers fans are going to have to sweat their early commits this year, too. Rutgers has a stretch on its schedule where it :

      hosts MSU (loss)
      travels to Indiana (tossup)
      hosts OSU (loss)
      travels to Wisco (loss)
      travels to Michigan (tossup)
      then hosts Nebraska (loss).

      If Rutgers does not sweep the tossups there and goes 1-5 or 0-6, recruiting will crater.

    • Monday Night Froetteur says

      “Jarrett Guarantano will be the first domino to fall to Rutgers

      Not so much.

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