OSU Player Leaves Team Due To Medical Issues (Per Report)

OSU fans know that a few guys had to leave the team in order for OSU to get down to 85 players. There have been rumors that a few players would be leaving because of medical issues but I doubt anyone thought it would be a True Freshman who enrolled early and never even got to practice with the team but alas that is what apparently going to happen from this report from 11W….

Sources told Eleven Warriors the freshman defensive back from Cocoa, Fla., was not medically cleared by the Ohio State staff after enrolling early in January and has not yet practiced with the Buckeyes.

As a result, Dean has decided to move on and pursue opportunities — both academically and athletically — elsewhere. Sources informed Eleven Warriors that Dean was presented an opportunity for a medical hardship so he could remain on academic scholarship at Ohio State, but he opted for a release from his scholarship in an attempt to get cleared medically elsewhere.

All you can do is wish him luck and hope he heals well enough to play again somewhere someday.

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