Breaking: Braxton to leave OSU


Not really sure how to start this since I am so confused on so many levels here. Let me start off with saying first of I, a man of great insignificance, have scored an exclusive interview. Before I start I will give you the back story leading up to how I landed this exclusive interview with the man, the myth, the legend Braxton Miller.

I am in Columbus for the Ohio Safety Congress & Expo at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The city I work for has sent me down for the three day event to take some classes and learn some important information about safety that I can take back to make the division I am responsible for safer. After sitting through a few lectures then talking with some vendors I realized I was extremely hungry and had a craving for a lamb burger with a Guinness beer. The first place that popped into my head was The Pub over at the Polaris Mall, great place if you’ve never been able to eat there. After enjoying my dinner I decided to take a walk around the mall noticing that for a Tuesday night not many folks were there which was kind of nice.

I stopped at one of the two Starbucks for a coffee, seriously why do you need 2 Starbucks this isn’t Dublin. I’m walking around enjoy my extremely hot cup of joe then all of a sudden I notice someone, I’ve heard rumors he likes to hang out at Polaris also nobody mess with him like nobody recognizes him. It’s Braxton Miller sitting by himself looking at his phone. I’m not one to go disturb someone’s peace but something told me just to go shake his hand and say hi at least so I have something to tell my grandchildren one day.

Nervous for some reason, probably afraid he’s gonna yell at me for disturbing him, I walk up, say hi and introduce myself. Miller stood up, shook my hand and said it was nice to meet you. While he’s shaking my hand I tell him I am a contributor with this site he then immediately throws my hand down in disgust. I am shocked trying to figure out what all of a sudden went wrong.

Do you know Jeremiah he asks. My answer is of course yes. I explain he is one of the founders of this site. Miller goes on asking what is wrong with him and why did he have to break the Advocare news which has since made this last week a major pain for him. I explain that I wasn’t part of the process but explain that we really aren’t in the breaking news business just a blog but if we get or find information we go through extensive process of verifying stuff also we don’t just erroneously report things to get “hits”. I talked to him about the Carlos Hyde situation then discussed with him about some information that I received after he got hurt that we never ran. It seemed after we talked for five more minutes he knew I was telling him the truth which gained his trust so for some reason I took a leap into the unknown.

I asked Braxton if I could possibly have an exclusive interview with him if he had ten minutes. He looked at his watch which to my surprise said sure why not. I tried to hide my look of shock then grabbed out my Note 4 asking if it was ok to tape, it has a nice voice recording app on it. He was cool with it so we sat down, started to talk then about six minutes into the interview that’s when he dropped the bomb shell that I was never expecting.

“I am leaving Ohio State”

After the interview I shook his hand also telling him how gracious I was for his time. I walked away impressed about what a class act that Braxton Miller is and its going to be such a shame to see him leave when his career is over at Ohio State.


  1. malibuckeye says

    Wow… Never saw that coming, especially not today.

  2. April Fools !

  3. Could it be an April fools day joke.

  4. Buckeye1929 says

    Nice…finish.,… he is leaving when is career is over at Ohio State… clever and nice April Fools…

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