NFL Part 3 (1.0)

This section will include picks 22-32. A revised section of Part 2 will come out soon. This section will include Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr.’s predictions as well. This section could get very wild because with all of these teams they are already very talented. These players in the bottom 10 picks typically have the best chances to have successful careers because they are going to teams who give them time to develop and do not have to rush them on the field.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers: Landon Collins,S, Alabama

I know I have Collins going 7th to the Bears and I still think that he is still in play there. I decided to drop Collins because his ball skills on tape and the combine are not spectacular. I also think that his instincts and his desire to be physical is Polamalu like.

Mel Kiper: Landon Collins

McShay: Jaelen Collins

23. Detroit Lions: Malcolm Brown, DT, Texas

It looks like the Lions are going to lose Suh and possibly Nick Farely. The Lions will need to make sure they get Farely or Suh and add a counter part to help ease the loss of the other. Brown is a big body and will help stop the run immediately and also has some pass rush ability for his size.

Mel Kiper: Malcolm Brown

McShay: Cameron Erving

24. Arizona Cardinals: Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia

Now I know that Arizona have Andre Ellington, but he is not a every down back he is more of a 3rd down back. Plus having Ellington would allow the Cardinals to let Gurley heal more and not rush his progress like some teams who have a need at running back as well.

Mel Kiper: Jaelen Collins

McShay: Eli Harold

25. Carolina Panthers: Andrus Peat. OT, Stanford

The Panthers just need help protecting Cam Newton. Peat would be a Top 10 pick, but he has been inconsistent at Stanford but if he becomes consistent then he would be a steal of the draft at this point.

Mel Kiper: T.J Cummings

McShay: T.J Cummings

26. Baltimore Ravens: Marcus Peters, CB, Washington

The Ravens took Jimmy Smith a while ago and people said he had some character issues, but that seemed to work out for them. Peters is a good CB especially in man coverage and traditionally the Ravens defense has thrived when their able to play man coverage.

Mel Kiper: Maxx Williams

McShay: Marcus Peters

27. Dallas Cowboys: Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin

This pick varies on whether the Cowboys re-sign Murray. I do not think the Cowboys will be able to re-sign both Dez Bryant and Demarco Murray and if the Cowboys are forced to pick, they will choose Bryant over Murray. With this being a Big Ten website I will not go into how good Gordon because we all know how good he is.

Mel Kiper: Carl Davis

McShay: Melvin Gordon

28. Denver Broncos: Maxx Williams, TE, Minnesota

I am basing off this pick that the Broncos will not be able to re-sign Julius Thomas and WR Demaryius Thomas because they will not be able to afford both of them and they will choose Demaryius Thomas over Julius Thomas. Without having a receiving TE, I do not seeing the Broncos having such a dynamic offense.

Mel Kiper: Denzel Perryman

McShay: Eddie Goldman

29. Indianapolis Colts: Cameron Irving, C, Florida State

The Colts need offensive line help desperately. Irving’s ability to play the entire offensive line will help them more than any other prospect at this point.

Mel Kiper: La’el Collins

McShay: La’el Collins

30. Green Bay Packers: Jordan Phillips, DT, Oklahoma

While the biggest need for the Packers is ILB. This is my feelings on building a good linebacker core. You need to have a good defensive line before you build a good linebacker core, especially in a 3-4 defense the Packers play. The reason is you allow the offensive linemen to get to the second level so quickly and your linebackers are already at a disadvantage. Phillips is a big kid who will clog up the middle and allow who ever is going to play in the middle at Green Bay to make plays.

Mel Kiper: Jordan Phillips

McShay: Jordan Phillips

31. Seattle Seahawks: Dorial Green-Beckham. WR, Missouri/Oklahoma

Green-Beckham has some character issues, however one of the best places for him to go to would be Seattle. I think that his size/speed ratio is solid. I think he is also the perfect player for the Seahawks because if you put him in the last play of the Super Bowl then that would have changed the game potentially.The Seahwaks also need someone who has the ability to be the number one guy that Russell Wilson really needs.

Mel Kiper: Phillip Dorsett

McShay: Todd Gurley

32. New England Patriots: Carl Davis, DT, Iowa

I think that there are four possible players for this pick. Assuming all these guys are available; Gurley, Funchess, Green-Beckham, and my pick Carl Davis. I think Davis is the safest pick out of all these guys because with the cap space Wilfork is taking up Davis could give the Patriots an option to cut him during this season or going into next season.

Mel Kiper: Devin Funchess

McShay: Carl Davis

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