National Championship Celebration Coverage

Some of us here at the MotSaG staff are packing up and heading down to the Shoe for the Celebration of the Undisputed National Champions today. There is a huge hope that we can meet up and do a semi podcast for you all and do some live streaming of the event. I believe the chat is enabled so if you want to talk with us live we can interact or you can hit us up on the twitter. The members that I believe will be down there will be myself (@smsommers84), Chip Minnich (@ChipMinnich), and Nate (@NateMotSaG). The event and some of the details are here. I will be doing some testing and maybe do a walk across the river to the Shoe depending on where I park at so feel free to tune in and let me know how things are going.

Hope to meet and see many MotSaG fans there and for those that can’t make it I am really hoping this will turn out and you will be able to enjoy. The event is also going to be on BTN just in case something goes wrong.

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