Update On Braxton Miller Status

As anyone who is alive should know the rumors of Braxton Miller are long and outrageous. Every possible scenario has been rumored to happen from going pro to transferring to any number of other schools as an instate qualifier graduate player. We learned today that most of that is false for sure with one simple tweet.

As Tim May is reporting Braxton is in school this semester and is taking classes. What does that mean?

It means the odds of him transferring to another school are zilch because he would have done that now and not enrolled in classes if he was.

It means he wont be going to the 2015 normal NFL Draft because why enroll in school he already has his degree.

It however leaves one other option other than returning next season. It allows him to train and get treatment with the team for the next 6 months and prepare his body for the NFL Supplemental draft. This option is viable but in the end I still believe he will finish his career next season with OSU and then go to the draft in 2016.


There is some question if he would be eligible for the supplemental draft. It seems to be for undergraduates with a specific reason they couldnt declare for normal draft. I.E. kicked off the team after the draft but before the summer. This doesn’t change much for my opinion because it has always been Miller will return to OSU and that hasn’t changed.

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