NFL Mock Draft Part 1 (Revised)

While we still wait for the Super Bowl to be played and the official draft order to be set. Here is my revised version of the Top 10 picks in this years NFL Draft. Since Mel Kiper has released his Mock Draft, I will include his picks instead of McShay’s because McShay still has not presented a Mock Draft with the updated Draft order.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Leonard Williams, DT/DE, USC

The biggest need for the Bucs is more than likely QB. With that said let me convince you why Williams will be the pick. First let me talk about why Mariota is not the pick here anymore. Did you see the performance in the national championship game? There were several key throws missed by Mariota. Also durability to me became a concern after Bosa planted Mariota into the ground and Mariota stayed down. While he did come back, NFL linemen are bigger than Bosa so if he gets planted like that can he be counted on play to play? Let’s ignore Winston’s off the field issues because we know those are issues. With that said, look at his performance this season. While Winston did have a little less talent surrounded him this season. He had a high rate of turning the ball this season and there were several games this season inferior teams were able to hang around with Florida State because of Winston’s lack of execution. Now Williams did have a bit of an injury plagued season that should not turn the Bucs away from Williams. Williams can play inside and outside on the line. The Bucs were a middle of the road run defense and a horrendous pass defense. If Lovie Smith wants to keep playing his Tampa Two and play zone, then you got to get pressure on the QB ASAP because in every zone there is a hole and teams found that hole all day against the Bucs.

My Original Pick: Marcus Mariota

Mel Kiper: Jameis Winston

2. Tennessee Titans: Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama

I firmly believe the Titans want to upgrade their defensive line. However it seems that Titans have faith in Mettenberger. While Mettenberger did not light the world on fire, let me ask you a question. Can you name one wide receiver for the Titans? I have said this several times; in order to know what you have in a QB you have got to surround him with talent. Cooper will be a huge upgrade to Tennessee, also he will allow Tennessee to put Kendall Wright into the slot where if you look at the stats he has been an excellent player. With Justin Hunter’s deep threat ability, and Delanie Walker’s ability this could become a solid offense.

My Original Pick: Leonard Williams

Mel Kiper: Marcus Mariota

3. Jacksonville Jaguars: Randy Gregory. OLB/DE, Nebraska

Coach Bradley will find a way to get Gregory on the field. Jacksonville is in a position they just need to acquire talent and Gregory is a great place to start.

My Original Pick: Randy Gregory

Mel Kiper: Leonard Williams

4. Oakland Raiders: Shane Ray. DE/OLB, Missouri

The Raiders just hired Del Rio, a defensive mind. The Raiders are in the same position as Jacksonville they just need to acquire talent. That is why I see the Raiders taking Ray. With the depth at WR the Raiders can afford to wait til the second round.

My Original Pick: Amari Cooper

Mel Kiper: Amari Cooper

5. Washington Redskins: Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State

Washington will continue their circus. The owner will focus only about jersey sales and keep his team relevant in anyway he can because they cannot seem to do that on the field. They are in need of a quarterback and to their luck the best player talent wise happens to be a quarterback.

My Original Pick: Shane Ray

Mel Kiper: Randy Gregory

6. New York Jets: Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon

New head coach, which usually means a new franchise quarterback. Mariota will be a great fit because the Jets have been known as a disaster the past few years. Which is why I think they fired Ryan, hired a less popular name Todd Bowles. Mariota’s personality will keep the Jets out of the papers for the wrong reasons. I think he will be disciplined enough to learn a playbook and be a serviceable NFL starting QB.

My Original Pick: Devin Funchess

Mel Kiper: Shane Ray

7. Chicago Bears: Landon Collins, S, Alabama

The Bears lack talent at the Safety position. Collins can not only be a ball hawk and a play maker, but he is willing to come up and make tackles in the running game. The Bears D has been an embarrassment for a few years now and drafting Fuller in the first round last year this defense will start to be solid once again.

My Original Pick (Bears Picking at 9): Landon Collins

Mel Kiper: Landon Collins

8. Atlanta Falcons: Dante Fowler Jr, OLB/DE, Florida

As mentioned by a comment made in my original draft. The person was not happy I had the Falcons drafting a OT. With Dan Quinn looking to be the next head coach of the Falcons and his experience in Seattle. I look the Falcons be built from the D-Line and Fowler will be a great place to start.

My Original Pick: Brandon Scherff

Mel Kiper: Dante Fowler Jr.

9. New York Giants: Brandon Scherff, OT/G, Iowa

The Giants really struggled this season to not only protect Manning, but run the ball. Scherff is an excellent run blocker. While he may start at RT, I think he true position is a guard. I believe that he will dominate at this position.

My Original Pick: Vic Beasley

Mel Kiper: Brandon Scherff

10. St. Louis Rams: Ereck Flowers, OT, University of Miami (FL)

The Rams have a good defense, but a terrible offense. Questions are QB cannot be answered here because the talent level is not worth a top 10 pick after Winston and Mariota. With Greg Robinson moving to LT, the next best thing for the Rams is to partner him with another massive tackle. Whoever plays QB in 2016 should be well protected and have a good running game to rely on. A guy you will hear a lot about is CJ Clemmings. He has only played one year at OT, came to Pittsburgh as a DL. I feel that The Rams need a guy who is more experienced on the OL and a who is going to bring result now.

Original Pic (Panthers Pick): Cedric Ogbuehi

Mel Kiper: C.J Clemmings

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