How Did Buckeye Commits Fare: Final 247Sports Top247

TOP 247

Justin Hilliard- #20 and 5 star
Jerome Baker- #61 and 4 star
Dre”Mont Jones- #68 and 4 star
Torrance Gibson- #74 and 4 star
Matthew Burrell- #93 and 4 star
Jashon Cornell- #98 and 4 star
Eric Glover-Williams #102 and 4 star
Mike Weber- #131 and 4 star
Denzel Ward- #140 and 4 star
Joshua Norwood- #206 and 4 star
Joe Burrow- #210 and 4 star
Carlton Davis- #214 and 4 star


Nick Conner
Alex Stump
AJ Alexander


Robert Landers
Mirko Jurkovic
Branden Bowen
Rashod Berry
Joshua Alabi
Kevin Feder
Grant Schmidt
Jamel Dean


Liam McCullough

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