Cardale Jones Decides to Return to Ohio State, Achieve Legendary Status


Around lunchtime today, All-World QB Cardale Jones (he of three championship or playoff game winning streaks) tweeted out this somewhat cryptic but not really very cryptic at all announcement.

Which changed an hour later to:

(Maybe traffic was bad on I-71 North).

Either way, after a magical three game run, Cardale was faced with the prospect of being in the same situation he was in six months ago — back to third on the depth chart. (That is pure conjecture and speculation, but I believe that Urban is the type of coach that would not give someone’s spot up due to injury. I know he has said that he wants the best player to play but the body of work of both Braxton and J.T. would be “better” than Cardale’s.) (Sheesh, even I don’t know if I believe what I just typed).

There are a lot of factors going that went into Cardale’s decision. He has a small family. We don’t know all the details of his family situation or where his priorities lie. All we know (and should care about) is that he did things for the university that no other quarterback has done. We have watched him grow from an immature, entitled kid to a honest-to-goodness leader and likeable dude. That’s all that should matter. This was his decision. And now we get to see him back in shotgun again next season.

His draft status was possibly at its peak, but things change. He stated that his degree and finishing school was more important to him than being a draft pick. That is a long way from the not coming to “PLAY SCHOOL”.

So good for Cardale. He deserves all the best and we can’t wait to see what the 2016 season holds.

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