Ohio State vs Bama: Game Balls

That feeling you have these days is a lighter back. The proverbial monkey which turned into an 800 pound gorilla is off the back of the coaches, players, fans, and the entire Buckeye Nation. It is a grand time to be a Buckeye fan for sure. Let’s give out some game calls shall we?


Darron Lee- He gets a game ball for many things 7 solo tackles and 2 sacks were great. What I am giving him a game ball though is for his leadership. When Cardale threw and INT and Zeke fumbled it was Lee who could be seen talking to them and getting their heads fixed. When OSU made big plays on offense and defense it was Lee who led the charge to make sure he celebrated with and encouraged his teammates. He has gone from never heard of to team leader on a team going to the NCG.

Curtis Grant- What can you say about a SR who has heard and felt the footsteps of a young buck trying to take his spot all year. He didn’t lay down and take it. He flourished on the big stage leading the team in tackles with 10 and making several big stops. Most fans will never give him the credit he deserves this year.

The entire Defensive Backfield- Doran Grant and Eli Apple did a marvelous job most of the game and allowed the safties to help make plays with their 2 INTs. Sure there were some mistakes but they had to contain the best WR in the country and did a good job of it. Vonn Bell was POPPING people all game long with 8 solo tackles.

Steve Miller- Pick Six need I say more? What surprised me the most was his speed. It was fantastic.


Ezekiel Elliott- 20 Rushed for 230 yards and 2 TDs and throw in 1 reception for 13 yards. The fumble was awful but he more than made up for it. He was our offensive MVP and he continues to get better and better as the year has progressed. OSU would not be playing for the NC without this youngman who already has the 4th best rushing year in OSU history with 1632 yards and has one more game to go.

The offensive Line- Replacing 4 starters 3 of whom are starting on NFL teams in the playoffs is really hard to do and OSU did it almost seamlessly which is an incredible feat. All of them get a game ball for dominating the #2 DL in the country. Practicing against the best DL clearly has helped them a lot.

The Pass Catchers- Evan Spencer is so important to the team for all the small things he does. Devin Smith and Michael Thomas make spectacular plays. The rest do their jobs so the team can keep moving the ball and they do it really well.


Luke Fickell- It is time for the haters to admit Luke Fickell is a whale of a coach and recruiter and play caller. Luke calls the front 7 plays and it was he who had Steve Miller drop in coverage and get the pick 6. He was the only coach who believed that Darron Lee was worthy of becoming a Buckeye. He had to convince Urban Meyer to take a chance. Every fan should be grateful for his efforts.

Chris Ash- I dont want to point fingers at Everett Withers but he is gone and Chris Ash is here and the defense is much improved. His attack style is working amazing and he has done wonders with young DBs this year.

Urban Meyer- He had the most to gain and lose by beating Nick Saban and Bama. He built on his reputation immensely and shut up his doubters. One more win and he could arguably be called the greatest CFB coach ever. Not even joking a little.


Special Teams- How about Corey Smith who has struggled a lot this year as a WR but came up huge on KO coverage for OSU this game? Sean Nuerenberger made every kick he was asked to and that is a feat for a true freshman playing in the biggest game of his life.

The Fans- We have been through a lot and had a lot of success the last 15 years. It has been a roller coaster ride for sure. Buckeye Nation is strong and goes everywhere to support the team they love. We deserve credit for that and a game ball for sure. YAY US!!!!


  1. the best part is 1 Alabama linebacker laying on the ground pancaked by Evan spencer
    And the other one standing on the sidelines in street clothes when zeke streaked by 2 win the game!!!!!!!!!! Nobody does this 2 Alabama !!!!!!! Nobody rushes for 100 yards against Alabama much less 260 !!!!!!!! Saban will be seeing that run in his nightmares 4 a long time!!!!!! Go BUX BEAT THE DUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey Woody, Thanks for stopping by appreciate your comment. Zeke definitely dominated the best run defense in the country and the OL was opening holes everywhere. It was great to see them dominate both LOS…. #GoBucks

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