Ohio State Beats Alabama 42-35, Will Play Oregon in the National Championship


It’s going to be hard to write this right now because I’m shaking and my heart is about to give out. Besides the 2002 National Championship game, I have never been so emotionally drained watching a game.

For the first half, it seemed like Alabama was just going to be the better team. Even though Ohio State was able to move the ball, they weren’t able to punch the ball into the endzone and after a couple turnovers, went down early, 21-6. Even from that point, although the Buckeyes were losing, it never felt out of reach. There were a couple times it looked like the momentum could turn in Bama’s favor and bury Ohio State.

Things started going better for the Buckeyes and going into the half just down one point, it felt like this really could happen. We could beat Bama.

Ohio State then came out in the second half and continued to move the ball against the vaunted Alabama defense. They would score 28 straight points before Alabama would find the end zone again, going up 34-21.

It would go back and forth but Steve Miller’s INT TD and Ezekiel Elliot’s 85 yard dash would be all it took to knock off Satan’s Team.

Yes, there were some head scratching coaching calls. Mistakes were definitely made. But Ohio State won the game and is going to the first “REAL” National Championship in the first College Football Playoff.

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