Anyone Surprised That Rose Bowl Tickets Are Not Selling?

Good morning. Happy Boxing Day to those of you who may be reading this from around the globe that celebrate this holiday. For those of you Beatles fans such as myself, today also marks the 47th anniversary of the release of the film Magical Mystery Tour. Regardless, I hope each and everyone of you had a wonderful Merry Christmas, wherever you may be.

Here is the gist of what I actually wanted to discuss today…

If you haven’t read Mr. Mandel’s article, I strongly suggest you do so. The main point raised by Mr. Mandel is right here ~ “Many have wondered how the addition of an extra round to the postseason would affect attendance at the bowls hosting the semifinal games. Would fans of the teams still travel en masse to a New Year’s game or hold off for a possible trip to the new national championship game in Arlington, Texas 11 days later?”.

If this sounds like a familiar concern to you, it may be because I raised it over the past few weeks. In articles like here and here.

I am as passionate about The Rose Bowl being the centerpiece of a college football viewing experience on January 1st as much as anyone. I have already determined that attending The Rose Bowl at least once in my lifetime is something my beautiful wife and I will do, when our children are older and we will make a visit to Pasadena part of a week’s long vacation. My intention is to attend The Rose Bowl when Ohio State is one of the teams participating in the game.

Will we be able to then fly across the country, perhaps to New Orleans or Miami, if The Rose Bowl will be part of a semi-final playoff round? Probably not. Which is why these issues presently facing The Rose Bowl should come, and do not come, as any surprise to me whatsoever.

Happy Boxing Day. Belated Merry Christmas wishes. But you’ll forgive me if I point back at Festivus and that holiday’s tradition of The Airing Of Grievances when I read about sluggish Rose Bowl ticket sales.

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