MotSaG Chat with 2016 Safety Vincent Calhoun

Vincent Calhoun

Vincent Calhoun is a safety from Middletown, Ohio. He stands at 5-11 and weighs 175 pounds. This past season in his junior year at Middletown High School he was first team All District and had 102 tackles, four pass breakups and three interceptions. In addition, he also played at running back and wide receiver. So far he has visited two schools, Michigan State in October and Ohio State in September. When I asked Calhoun his thoughts on his visit to Columbus, he definitely said the visit was positive.

“It was a good experience, it was my first visit. My tour guide made me feel comfortable and I really liked it there,” said Calhoun.

Calhoun also had an opportunity to talk to the coaches and gain advice from the staff. Calhoun said, “I’ve talked to coach Kerry Coombs and he told me to just keep doing what I’m doing and call to show interest.”

Calhoun currently doesn’t have any offers on the table from any schools, but he remains optimistic. He especially would love to get an offer from Ohio State, who he has been a fan of all of his life. In fact he says it’s his dream school.

“I love Ohio State football. I’ve always wanted to be a Buckeye since I was young and the football team I played on was the lil (sic) Buckeyes,” Calhoun said.

I asked him how the recruiting process has been going for him and he says it’s going quite well. He said currently the schools showing the most interest in him are Illinois, Michigan State and Ohio State. While he just visited Michigan State, he doesn’t plan to visit any other schools soon. Calhoun hopes to commit to a school near the beginning of the next school year or in the summer. As for what Calhoun said you can expect from him:

“You get a great leader and someone who is going to give it their all everything they do anything and some to help teammates. And they get someone who will never back down from anything and is a team player.”

You can follow Vincent Calhoun on Twitter here: @middies_3

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