Ohio State Ranked #4, Will Play Alabama in College Football Playoffs


Ohio State will play Alabama on January 1st in the Sugar Bowl. Saban vs. Meyer, SEC vs. B1G.

All while Mark May and Rece Davis’ heads are exploding.


  1. Braxton needs to man up and reactivate for the team, is he ready?

  2. Fact is, AP poll, Ie; the Legit poll, has Ohio State ranked #5 BEHIND #4 Baylor exactly the way it should be. The big 10 is WEAK, Wisconsin weak, OSU? Who knows. Didn’t play a decent team. Too bad OSU isn’t coming west to face Oregon, defeated Mich St 46-27. Seems the Bucks had a hard time w MSU at the end of last season, the only decent team OSU played all year.

    • A “hard time” with MSU? You mean the team the Buckeyes dropped 49 on? Oregon couldn’t even muster that. And it was IN Eugene, while Ohio State traveled to East Lansing and still managed more points than the Ducks did.

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