Predicting Every Single FBS College Football Game: Week 15

Record in Week 14: 39-22 (63.93% of games predicted correctly) To see my picks for week 14, click here.

Overall Record for the Season: 588-242

Picking games for rivalry week sucks. These games are even harder than normal to predict because even the lowliest teams can rise up and knock off their better on paper rival. That’s the beauty of rivalry games and makes it great for the fans. For pickers it’s impossible. 63% is lower than my average for the season, but I’m actually pretty happy with this percentage. Heading into Saturday I was under .500 on my picks! This week there are only a handful of regular season games left along with conference championship games. Out of every week in the season, this is my best chance to have a perfect weekend of picks. In addition I’m also picking the Army-Navy game, even though it’s not until next week. Let’s hope I pick them better this week!

Thursday Dec. 4
UCF @ East Carolina – Pick: East Carolina

Friday Dec. 5
MAC Championship Game: Northern Illinois vs. Bowling Green – Pick: Northern Illinois
PAC 12 Championship Game: Arizona vs. Oregon – Pick: Arizona (Upset)

Saturday Dec. 6
Iowa State @ TCU – Pick: TCU
Houston @ Cincinnati – Pick: Cincinnati
Conference USA Championship Game: Louisiana Tech @ Marshall – Pick: Louisiana Tech
SMU @ Connecticut – Pick: SMU (Avoid being only team to go 0-12)
Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma – Pick: Oklahoma
SEC Championship Game: Alabama vs. Indiana Missouri – Pick: Alabama
Temple @ Tulane – Pick: Temple
Kansas State @ Baylor – Pick: Kansas State (Upset)
ACC Championship Game: Florida State vs. Georgia Tech – Pick: Georgia Tech (Karma Thy Name is Paul Johnson Upset Special)
Big Ten Championship Game: Wisconsin vs. Ohio State – Pick: Ohio State
Fresno State @ Boise State – Pick: Boise State

Saturday Dec. 13
Army vs. Navy – Pick: Navy

I’ll let you know how I did with my predictions on next week’s post. Let me know in the comments what you think of my picks and feel free to ask me why I picked the way I did. Also you can follow me on Twitter @SchottJosh.

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