Tears of Joy and Sadness: The Game Quick Reaction

Man alive what a game. Just your typical OSU vs Michigan rivalry game for sure. Let’s just talk about a few things and then I will give my final thoughts.

– Joey Bosa please control your emotions and stop trying to rip guys heads off.

– Joey Bosa please keep killing the QBs and causing fumbles.

– Ezekiel Elliott you are the man. What a 4th down run for a TD.

– Darron Lee thank you for being a small star recruit and a big star Buckeye.

– JT Barrett you have just become 1-0 as the starter against UM congrats.

– JT I pray your leg is ok but I fear the worst.

When JT went down OSU was up 28-21. The crowd went quiet. I started to panic. Urban Meyer got balls of steel and went for it on 4th and 1 on the 44 yard line and Zeke ran all the way to the endzone to put OSU up 35-21.

Bosa than sacks and strips Gardner and Darron Lee ran it back for another TD.

UM got a garbage TD at the end of the game. OSU wins 42-28.

I repeat OSU WINS!!!

I wish that would be enough but the JT injury may be the nail in the coffin for OSUs playoff hopes. We shall see.

On to the next game the B1G CCG against winner of the Wisky/Minn game.

P.S. Goodbye Brady Hoke you will be missed by all of Buckeye Nation.


  1. Bo Polini was just fired as the head coach of Nebraska. He’d be a great defensive coordinator for the Buckeyes. Oh well just wishful thinking

    • Thanks for stopping by Gdub….

      But have you seen the defenses Bo Pelini has put up at Nebraska? OSU defense is playing very good this year no way either Fickell or Ash leave unless they get offered a HCing job. I hope Pelini never works for OSU in any capacity. The guy is a timebomb waiting to explode.

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