Predicting Every Single FBS College Football Game: Week 13

Record in Week 12: 33-17 (66% of games predicted correctly) To see my picks for week 12, click here.
For those paying attention closely, this is the second week in a row I went 33-17 with my picks. Strange.

Overall Record for the Season: 507-203

If you haven’t look at this week’s games yet, I’m afraid I have some bad news. They’re absolutely terrible. The two most exciting games on paper are Kansas State at West Virginia (on Thursday night), Arizona at Utah and USC at UCLA. Yuck! So if you want to spend this weekend getting some early Christmas shopping done or get some yard work done in lieu of watching these terrible games, then I don’t blame you one bit. But despite these terrible games I must pick them all!

Tuesday Nov. 18
Massachusetts @ Akron – Pick: Akron
Northern Illinois @ Ohio – Pick: Northern Illinois

Wednesday Nov. 19
Bowling Green @ Toledo – Pick: Bowling Green
Kent State @ Buffalo – Pick: Buffalo

Thursday Nov. 20
Kansas State @ West Virginia – Pick: Kansas State
North Carolina @ Duke – Pick: North Carolina
Arkansas State @ Texas State – Pick: Arkansas State

Friday Nov. 21
UTEP @ Rice – Pick: Rice
San Jose State @ Utah State – Pick: Utah State
Air Force @ San Diego State – Pick: Air Force

Saturday Nov. 22
Minnesota @ Nebraska – Pick: Minnesota
Kansas @ Oklahoma – Pick: Oklahoma
Penn State @ Illinois – Pick: Penn State
Rutgers @ Michigan State – Pick: Michigan State
Indiana @ Ohio State – Pick: Ohio State
Northwestern @ Purdue – Pick: Northwestern
Eastern Kentucky @ Florida – Pick: Florida
Charleston Southern @ Georgia – Pick: Georgia
South Alabama @ South Carolina – Pick: South Carolina
Fordham @ Army – Pick: Army
Marshall @ UAB – Pick: Marshall
SMU @ UCF – Pick: UCF
UTSA @ Western Kentucky – Pick: Western Kentucky
Virginia Tech @ Wake Forest – Pick: Virginia Tech
Western Michigan @ Central Michigan – Pick: Central Michigan
Washington State @ Arizona State – Pick: Arizona State
Louisiana Tech @ Old Dominion – Pick: Louisiana Tech
New Mexico @ Colorado State – Pick: Colorado State
Eastern Michigan @ Ball State – Pick: Ball State
Tulsa @ Houston – Pick: Houston
Savannah State @ BYU – Pick: BYU
Georgia State @ Clemson – Pick: Clemson
Boston College @ Florida State – Pick: Florida State
Syracuse @ Pittsburgh – Pick: Syracuse
Texas Tech @ Iowa State – Pick: Iowa State
Wisconsin @ Iowa – Pick: Wisconsin
Maryland @ Michigan – Pick: Maryland
Ole Miss @ Arkansas – Pick: Ole Miss
Arizona @ Utah – Pick: Arizona
Tulane @ East Carolina – Pick: East Carolina
Louisville @ Notre Dame – Pick: Notre Dame
Florida International @ North Texas – Pick: North Texas
LA Monroe @ New Mexico State – Pick: LA Monroe
Stanford @ California – Pick: California
Western Carolina @ Alabama – Pick: Alabama
South Florida @ Memphis – Pick: Memphis
Colorado @ Oregon – Pick: Oregon
Appalachian State @ Louisiana-Lafayette – Pick: Louisiana-Lafayette
Miami @ Virginia – Pick: Miami
Samford @ Auburn – Pick: Auburn
Florida Atlantic @ Middle Tennessee State – Pick: Middle Tennessee
Missouri @ Tennessee – Pick: Tennessee
Vanderbilt @ Mississippi State – Pick: Mississippi State
Oklahoma State @ Baylor – Pick: Baylor
USC @ UCLA – Pick: USC (Upset)
Cincinnati @ Connecticut – Pick: Cincinnati
Boise State @ Wyoming – Pick: Boise State
Fresno State @ Nevada – Pick: Nevada
Oregon State @ Washington – Pick: Washington
UNLV @ Hawaii – Pick: Hawaii

I’ll let you know how I did with my predictions on next week’s post. Let me know in the comments what you think of my picks and feel free to ask me why I picked the way I did. Also you can follow me on Twitter @SchottJosh.


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