Minnesota Quick Recap

This game turned out to be a lot closer than I think we all expected it to be. Pro tip: Hold onto the football.


Player of the Game: JT Barrett. Records on records for his kid. Passed Braxton’s 2013 record of 36 total touchdowns. He has 3 of the top 6 biggest offensive performances in Ohio State history. This kid is going to be really, really good here. Over the past two weeks, JT has over 725 yards of total offense. Yeah. He’s good.


Offensive MVP: The offensive line. Barrett had time on just about every pass, and the running lanes were so big that I could have rushed for 100 yards today. Just one sack given up, and that came late in the game. This unit has come a long way from the Virginia Tech debacle.


Defensive MVP: Doran Grant. He had one* (*thanks refs) pick on the day and shut down Maxx Williams when he was on him, save for one bobbled catch that Williams pulled in. After shutting down Lippet last week, and another strong performance this week, Grant might be making himself some money at the next level.


The Spin: “Well if you take away those three turnover, we really dominated the game” – Dave Wannstedt. In all seriousness, the Buckeyes dominated on the offensive side of the ball, and the two of Minnesota’s touchdowns came off short fields from turnovers. From a perception standpoint, this game won’t look as good as it could have, because it will be compared to TCU’s win over Minnesota (30-7 TCU), though that was at TCU and not in the freezing weather. It’s still a win on the road over a ranked team, though. Just have to keep taking care of business the next three weeks.


Going forward: Indiana comes to Columbus next week, in a game that will likely be similar to last season’s. Cold, and lots of points from Ohio State. The battle for SEC East supremacy next week! (Missouri leads the SEC East, and Indiana beat Missouri, so ipso facto, Indiana is current SEC East leader!)


Go Bucks.


  1. Does this mean that LSU is the winner of the big ten west?

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