Ohio State 49-MSU 37 quick reaction…

The good guys put Sparty back in their place when nobody in the country expected it… Except the players and coaches.


Man of the match: J.T Barrett.. Unbelievable.

Offensive player of the game: Not going to name Barrett twice so this will go to Devin Smith. The senior came to play today in his best game of his career.

Defensive player of the game: Doran Grant shut down Tony Lippett. Kid is making himself a lot of money this year.

What it means: With a day full of upsets and pandemonium the Buckeyes are officially in it… Get hyped. What a performance by the young Ohio State team. Michigan State had their best chance to beat Ohio State for the next few years. Mission failed Sparty.

On deck: A pretty good Minnesota team who maybe the second best team on Ohio State’s schedule. On the road the Buckeyes cannot sleep on the Gophers but all Buckeye brethren should enjoy this one for awhile.




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