Buckeyes Land Big Time Recruit

I have to start out with I am sorry. I have not put up a commitment post for the last couple of recruits. I have seriously slacked in my coverage of recruiting because of a new job. Thankfully this newest commit was kind enough to commit on my day off so I have no excuse to not put up a post. So let’s make it a great one. Today’s commitment is one that seemed inevitable and then impossible and finally back to inevitable. So while today’s announcement was a foregone conclusion to many recruiting experts it is great none the less. So let’s break down this future Buckeye and see why it is such a big pick up for OSU.

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Torrance Gibson committed to become a Buckeye at his school today after his Army All-American Ceremony.

Torrance Gibson is a 6’4″ 200 lbs 5 star QB/Athlete from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Torrance is a Dual-Threat Quaterback with tremendous upside. His athletic ability alone makes some question if he would be a better WR than a QB. He has the speed to outrun the defenses and the agility to make people miss. His throwing ability is underappreciated IMHO. He has a big arm that allows for deep passes. Like many DT QBs though his short to intermediate throws need work. Why throw for 5-10 yards when as a QB you can pull it down and run for 15-20? That is the kind of thing that makes people doubt running QBs. Make no mistake though Torrance Gibson is going to OSU as a QB and will get every chance he can to earn his spot as the starting QB. I also am not a moron Coach Meyer and his staff does a great job taking guys and putting in the best spots to succeed. They turned a Fullback into a Linebacker. A Tight end into a OLman. Sam Hubbard may play every position before he leaves OSU. Torrance will compete to be a QB but has the athletic ability to succeed no matter where he plays and that is why landing him is so important.

247sports ranks Torrance a 4 star the 62nd best player in the country and the 6th best athlete in the country. Rivals ranks Torrance a 4 star and the 103rd best player in the country. Scout ranks him a 4 star and the 45th best player in the country. ESPN ranks Torrance a 5 star and the 13th best player in the country and the 2nd best athlete in the country.


  1. Like we discussed earlier, it’s insane to think of the depth at QB next season. Do you anticipate a redshirt for Gibson? Could this affect the status of other QBs (Jones, Collier)?

    I personally think Jones might want to consider what the future holds for him as an outside linebacker.

    • I don’t see Gibson redshirting… I can see Urban using him in some wildcat type plays next season. Cardale wont leave OSU he came here to get an education bwhahahaha J/K. Collier was and is a project but I think he stays as well. I would guess Braxton would be most likely to leave but I dont think he would.

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