Ohio State 55 Illinois 14- Quick Reaction

The verdict: The Buckeyes killed a team they should have on a day when many of the top teams in the nation struggled against weaker opponents.

Man of the match: Ohio State Defensive line– Cop out time! The group caused complete chaos in the Illini backfield the whole game.

Offensive player of the game: Devin Smith- Two touchdowns and an amount of swagger that can never be achieved by the average human.

Defensive player of the game: Joey Bosa– How many big plays can one man make as a defensive lineman?

Surprise player of the game: Steve Miller– Not to be overshadowed by the legend Bosa, the senior had numerous disruptions in the backfield.

Goof of the week: Jacoby Boren– On the day after Halloween, the center completely whiffed on a block against a ghost… The young man fell down trying to takeout an invisible man on the Buckeye’s first touchdown run by Curtis Samuel.

What it means: Not quite sure to be honest. Ohio State dominated an inferior team on both sides of the ball but J.T. Barrett’s accuracy and knee issues are a big question mark headed into next week. The freshmen cannot afford to miss the 4 or 5 wide open receivers he missed tonight against the Spartans. Ohio State has the talent to pull off a victory but the best effort of the season will be necessary.

On Deck: The MSU Spartans– The Big Ten East will almost certainly come down to one game and College Gameday will be headed to East Lansing. Doesn’t get any bigger than this…

Let’s get excited



  1. Good recap, I agree that we really don’t know what this game means. JT looked shaky all first half but had moments when you could tell that he put his head down and did what needed to be done. But the running game and the defense look like they can shoulder the load. I just hope that’s enough for Saturday’s game!

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