Negative Buckeye: 10 Things We Learned from the Penn State Game

by: Ryan Black





Last Saturday was rough, rougher than teaching an Alabama fan to read. This Ohio State team has a lot of growing up to do to even think about beating Michigan State in two weeks.

Losing to Penn State would have been a disaster of epic proportions. The Ninny (whatever they’re called) Lions under new coach James Franklin have been recruiting extremely well since he arrived on campus and look to be a long term threat to coach Urban Meyer and the good guys. They weren’t supposed to be close to competing on the field with Ohio State for a few years due to crippling scholarship reductions. Didn’t matter, they gave the boys all they could handle and now it is time to reflect.

Here are ten things we learned about our loves from the 31-24 nailbiter Saturday evening:

10. It wasn’t as bad as you think:

With Bama looking pedestrian 2 times in 3 weeks against similar teams to PSU  (Arkansas and Tennessee) , Miss State continuing to be horrible on defense against a weak Kentucky team, an undefeated Ole Miss losing to one of the most average LSU teams in a decade, or Auburn struggling against a terrible USC team it’s easy to see it is tough to bring it every week. Also, Ohio State played in the toughest environment of all the teams listed, though LSU is close. Those who say they want the Bucks to compare themselves to the best in the SEC have to do it both ways.

This doesn’t even mention the fact that Oregon has looked pedestrian against bad teams such as Washington State or Michigan State against Purdue or FSU against NC State and so on…

The local radio guys like Common Man and T-bone (whom I really enjoy) will never admit that these other elite teams struggle against lesser opponents, it’s only us… Ohio State has blown out every team they should have until this weekend and that is still a very good percentage.

9. Ohio State got some lucky breaks:

Hate to admit it but the Buckeyes got two gifts in the first half with the non-pick and the delay of game. Two egregious errors by the striped dummies but…

Those who say the refs gave OSU ten points are taking away from what the players did. Penn State couldn’t stop Ohio State on the first drive and there is no way of saying it wouldn’t have ended up in a touchdown, even if it was started 20-30 yards back. Same as you can’t say the German wouldn’t have made the next kick, he has a huge leg.

8. Penn State got some lucky breaks:

Our friends to the East are screaming bloody murder but they won’t mention the refs willed them into the game in the fourth quarter. Two questionable personal fouls and a horrible pass interference cake walked the Nitts to the tying scores. They weren’t as blatantly obvious as Ohio State’s gifts but they had just as much impact.

7. The o-line still needs some work:

3rd and 1 now seems like 3rd and 10 for the team this year. These young pups are still getting their feet wet and I don’t think we will see a complete package until the bowl game this year. Next year should be an extreme step up or it will be a major disappointment.

6. The defense is for real:

Other than a few misplays on jump balls (which somehow still happen) the Ohio State defense is looking like they got some sense. Penn State has a horrendous offensive line which helped but you cannot doubt their playmakers at tight end and receiver, not to mention Hackenberg at quarterback.

5. Tom Herman/Urban Meyer get tight during close games:

I texted my friend that I was o.k. with the play calling in the first half because Penn State couldn’t even sniff midfield. Get out of there with a 24 or 31 to 0 win and just head home. But after the momentum switched on the pick 6 I think the coaches got too scared and it nearly cost us the game. Get the ball in the playmakers hands, don’t let the defense dictate what the offense should run. Where were the jet sweeps?

This is becoming a real worry for Buckeye fans.

4. J.T. Barrett is a freshmen:

He got rattled by the ridiculous crowd and their shady piped in music. He got owned by the defensive lineman dropping into coverage and really looked green for 4 quarters. The game Saturday would have been a blowout in my opinion with Braxton.

With that said…

3. J.T. Barrett has balls of platinum:

I think platinum is tougher than steel but I don’t really understand the elements. Playing with a MCL sprain and trailing in a living hell of an atmosphere-in overtime-in a score or die situation-J.T. Barrett said, “I got this.” The freshmen scored the tying and winning touchdowns. This gutsy performance will help out so much in two weeks at a much tamer atmosphere (albeit a much tougher team).

2. Ohio State has an all Big Ten player at every level of defense:

This probably won’t end up happening but I think Von Bell, Tyvis Powell, Doran Grant (DB) Darron Lee, Joshua Perry (LB)  Joey Bosa and Michael Bennett (DL) are all worthy of first team all big ten- as of now.

Slim chance Ohio State get’s more than three total but let’s start the campaigning now.

1. You know it’s coming:




This team has a very bright future and we may not get to see that peak this season. This extremely young team needs more seasoning but I tell you what, I wouldn’t want to play the Buckeyes this bowl season. Last year’s team peaked and didn’t improve at all over the long layoff. I think the 2014 team is a different animal.



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