Ohio State Player Dismissed From Team (Per Report)

A new report from our Friends at Eleven Warriors says that Rod Smith a Senior Running Back has been dismissed from the team…

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Senior running back Rod Smith has been dismissed from Ohio State, sources told Eleven Warriors Monday night.

This is certainly huge news given its timing. Rod Smith had gotten back in the good graces of the staff and was getting plenty of carries this season his final as a Buckeye either way. His time at OSU was always being stuck as a back up with huge size and lots of potential but never breaking through. No word on why he was dismissed as of yet but I am sure it will come out soon.


  1. That’s a shame. It seems like he’s had his ups and downs but never really doing anything too out in left field.

  2. Larry Collett says

    It is a shame……….I always had Rod as a good teammate and set by example guy . Hope that he gets it turned around.

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