Ohio State vs. Cincinnati Preview

osuHelmetIt’s been a tough week for everyone. I mean it’s always a tough week during the bye, however the Buckeyes are back. Let’s take a look as to what is coming up this Saturday in The Shoe.

Cincinnati on Offense: This team on offense loves to throw the ball, and then throw the ball some more. Gunner Kiel is a physical specimen at quarterback. At 6 foot 5 inches Kiel has tremendous arm strength and decent arm accuracy. This game should be very important to Kiel. Kiel coming out of high school, in 2011, he was the number one quarterback committed to Indiana originally. After taking a visit to Death Valley then committed to LSU, but then ended up signing and redshirting at Notre Dame. Kiel obviously has ambitions of going pro and having those typed of changes could maybe raise red flags to some teams in the NFL. Kiel finally gets to prove what he can do against a name brand team, like Ohio State. Kiel has a number of options to throw the ball to. While Shaq Washington is the best route runner and could do some damage against the Buckeyes. A guy I will talk about later, but is a guy to watch for is Mekale McKay. The Bearcats do have a weakness and that is running the football. The leading rusher, Hosey Williams, has nineteen rushes for hundred and fourteen yards. The biggest problem with those numbers is that is all the numbers he has against Miami of Ohio and Toledo. This offensive line is big, however they are not particularly good run blockers and if the Bearcats want to pull the upset they need to be more balanced. The game plan for Cincinnati is to throw the ball as much as possible against an Ohio State secondary that got lit up by Virginia Tech. For those fans that thought Virginia Tech wide receivers abused the Buckeyes, well it will be worse because this receiving core is much better than the Hokies receiving core.

When Ohio State is on Offense: Once again this section will be short and sweet. The Cincinnati Bearcats defense is bad. This defense gave up for five hundred yards to Toledo ran for two hundred and forty of those yards. The Buckeye offense should be able to do whatever their heart desires. I expect the Buckeyes should run the ball a ton and out physical this Bearcats defense. The most alarming stat about the Bearcats is the Toledo Rockets converted eight out of seventeen third down conversions. So I expect the Buckeyes to offense to be on the field and move the ball.

Future NFL Players from Cincinnati: A guy I really like on Cincinnati is Mekale McKay. At six feet six inches. McKay is big has strong hands, has decent speed, and is that big red-zone threat every quarterback loves. McKay has a bright future and the great thing is he is only a junior and since he finally has a good quarterback in Kiel. McKay should break out this year and be a possible third round pick in 2016 NFL Draft. He has a lot of upside to like and teams in the NFL will be drooling when he goes pro.

Bottom Line: This game is going to be a shootout and I expect a high scoring game. However I think the Buckeye defensive front seven is much more talented than the Bearcats offensive line and running game. The Buckeyes will win this one.

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