MotSaG Power Poll Week 4

The Big Ten showed up in some key games this weekend and beat some Power 5 conference opponents. Slowly trying to bring back relevancy to the B1G and it was nice to see except one really left a black eye on the weekend not allowing an undefeated weekend but seeing a 12-1 weekend record.

1. Penn State Being undefeated and the only B1G win currently is the reason PSU is at Number 1

2. Nebraska Beat the U by 10 and still undefeated keeps Number 2 spot

3. Michigan State Destroying even weak opponents sometimes is a good thing so you can stay at Number 3

4. Wisconsin Record rushing by the Badgers keeps them at Number 3

5. Ohio State Idle

6. (+1) Rutgers Holding off the Midshipmen helps Rutgers jump up

7. (+1) Maryland The Terps got the monkey off their back by beating the Orangemen

8. (+1) Minnesota rebounding from the TCU loss to beat San Jose State is a good thing

9. (+1) Iowa Always good to beat Mark May’s school. After losing to Iowa State the Hawkeyes came back and beat Pitt.

10. (+2) Indiana Can’t beat Bowling Green but showed up and knocked off an SEC team even one that was in the championship game a year ago. Down goes Mizzo you wouldn’t know by watching the four letter network.

11. Illinois Tim Beckman saves his job by beating Texas Tech

12. (+1) Purdue Purdue beats Southern Illinois and looks like maybe they are imroving

13. (-7) Michigan What can I say here Purdue scored more versus Notre Dame than Michigan and the Wolverines have zero thats right zero offensive touchdowns in their two losses against ND and Utah. That stellar defense that the Maize and Blue is supposedly touting allowed two different QB’s to score on them Saturday.

14. Northwestern Hey Northwestern finally won a game could they be turning things around?

Like always cant wait to hear your feedback.


  1. On no planet is Penn State the best team in the Big Ten.

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