Buckeyes in the NFL

This past weekend was a big week for Buckeyes in the NFL. There were two Buckeyes that played and started on Monday night, Jack Mewhort and Malcolm Jenkins. Mewhort helped lead the way and the Colts rushed for over 160 yards. Jenkins also had six total tackles. I liked the way both players played. Mewhort has really stepped up for the Colts, filling a big void at left guard. It was also great to see Tedd Ginn Jr. to make some plays on special teams and score a touchdown.

Buckeye Focus: would like to focus on Ryan Shazier, rookie linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers have struggled this season on both sides of the ball. However Shazier has been a big bright spot for the Steelers this season. Shazier is on pace to have over 130 tackles this season, assuming along the wy he can get an interception and force some fumbles. Shazier is making a strong case for defensive rookie player of the year.

Buckeye Blunder: Mike Nugent missing three field goals is not a good start to the year,but luckily that did not cost the Bengals the game. If he does not step up he may want to start looking for another job.

Recruiting Impact: Every Sunday is a big recruiting tool for Ohio State, with so many Buckeyes in the NFL. I do think that this week could really help the Buckeyes with recruiting in the offensive line. The Buckeyes had Mewhort start and also Corey Linsley. Having offensive linemen start in the NFL is huge especially when we see the Ohio State line currently struggling. Many top recruits obviously have ambitions to go pro, but with Meyer actually being able to show recruits the type of success Buckeyes are having in the pros should be huge.

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