MotSaG B1G Power Poll Week 3

Another rough week for Big Ten football. The only good game this week was the actual B1G game of Penn State vs Rutgers. Rutgers should have won that game but they couldn’t stop Hackenberg allowing the Nitty Lions to pull off the win in Rutgers. Michigan probably should be lower the more I think about it but the lost to a higher ranked team, thats just a sad statement. Before you TTUN fans scream hey our loss was better than OSU’s loss well your right and OSU blew Kent State out allowing something like 125 yards total for the Golden Flashes and the Wolverines made a game of the Miami of Ohio contest.

1. (+3) Penn State Penn State pulls off the come from behind at Rutgers for first B1G win this season.

2. (+4) Nebraska Nebraska finally put together a football game again and looked dominate like in week 1

3. (+6) Michigan State While being idle their loss to Oregon is their blemish right now

4. (+6) Wisconsin Also idle their lone loss was to LSU

5. (+6) Ohio State Ohio State came out and did exactly what they were suppose to do and dominate an opponent

6. (+6) Michigan Personally in in my opinion they should be ranked lowered for failing to score a point on Notre Dame and making the Miami of Ohio closer than it should have

7. (-5) Rutgers Lost their first B1G game at home was heartbreaking

8. (-7) Maryland Made it a game with West Virginia but came up short

9. (-6) Minnesota getting beat by TCU 30-7 didn’t help the Gophers

10. (-3) Iowa Rivalry games are always close but this one shouldn’t have been and seems Hawkeyes playing down to their talent this year and cost them a W against Iowa State

11. (-6) Illinois Going out on the West Coast and getting crushed is not good for the fighting Illini

12. (-4) Indiana Lost to Bowling Green *sigh*

13. (NC) Purdue Look at the positive side Boilermaker fans you did something that TTUN couldn’t do, you scored on Notre Dame twice!!

14. (NC) Northwesternwhile idle unless the Wildcats produce a win they will be basement dwellers

I always appreciate the feedback and discussions this is what makes college football so fun can’t wait to hear from you guys this week.

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