Ohio State vs Kent State: Quick Recap

The Final: 66-0. No big deal.


Offensive player of the game:  J.T. Barrett. 23-30 312 yards, 6 touchdowns. Are you not entertained?


Defensive player of the game: Don’t make me choose! Everybody played well but I guess I’ll give it to Darron Lee. His future is as bright as Oregon’s helmet. Seemed to always be in the right spot and man is he starting to learn to play fast.


Freshmen of the game: Too many choices again, I’ll go with Curtis Samuel. I can’t remember a game with so many freshmen making impact plays. Raekwon = the truth, my honorable mention.


Goof of the week: Kent State’s Jon Cunningham going “Gary Busey” on the sideline before, during, and after the game. I loved it but his teammates definitely did not.


Biggest complaint: Ezekiel you are clearly a large, so why did you order a medium jersey?


Randy Bobandy gut of the week: Donovan Munger, #52. Keep slamming cheeseburgers into that meat locker;  it’s glorious. Played well too.


The Verdict: Couldn’t have gone any better. It’s tough to take a lot away from this game because Kent State is smelly, but I bet Urban really wishes this game was week 1. Great confidence boosting win, so many daggum freshmen, wow. This game should quiet the “Urban’s recruits haven’t proven anything” crowd, at least for a week. Have mercy does this team have any upper classmen?


Where were these short passes last week? I’ll never get over it, 9/6/14 #neverforget.


Up next: After a few weeks of confusion and identity issues, the Buckeyes go bye.


P.S. Quint Kessenwhateveridon’tcarehowtopronounceit can keep telling me that Va Tech losing is making Ohio State fans feel worse, but I won’t believe it. I was laughing the whole time.



  1. I agree with the bobandy award

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